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Microsoft Outlook Releases Android Update & Adds Starring Ability

Jun 5, 2019

A new update has been released for Microsoft Outlook on Android. The updated version brings Outlook to version 3.0.73 and it’s available right now via Google Play Store. There are a couple of changes in the latest update, including a couple new features you might be interested in. One of these changes is a starring ability. We thought we would tell you more about the latest update and what’s new as this update continues rolling out to users.

Microsoft Outlook Android Update Adds New Starring Feature

With the latest Microsoft Outlook update for Android rolling out right now, we suggest you check to see if you are on the newest release. The newest version of Outlook for Android is 3.0.73 so if you are still on version 3.0.67, you should manually update the app from Google Play Store. You will find a couple of new features in the app, which should definitely increase your productivity and make life much easier.

The first new feature is that you can now put a star next to your favorite people within your contact list. This will come in very handy for both work and personal emails, and lets you easily manage your favorite contacts. If you have a couple friends or family members you email the most, just star their contact information for quick access. You can do this for work too by putting a star next to those people you communicate the most with for your job.

Outlook for Android Adds Notification Prioritization for Starring Contacts

Another new feature is that you can prioritize your notifications, which is also going to make things much easier in the app. Go into the Settings and change it around so that the notifications are only coming in from those favorite people you know. This will really be useful because we know how annoying it can be receiving notifications from people you don’t really care about or businesses that you don’t really have an interest in. Now, you can just change it so that those favorite contacts of yours are the only notifications that you get.

While you might not think that these two new features are important they actually will allow you to increase your productivity and help with organization. The new features are meant to give you a way to keep up with the people in your life you talk to the most.

We love how you can star the important people as such in your contact details. Giving you the option to only receive notifications from favorite people will also free up time going to your phone to look at your notifications. You don’t need to waste time getting rid of notifications from contacts you don’t really have much to do with anymore.

Microsoft Outlook Android Update Brings Performance Improvements

As with all weekly Microsoft Outlook updates, you will get your standard performance improvements too. Not only that, but you also will notice some bug fixes in the latest update as well. These two things are regularly done to ensure that Microsoft Outlook is running as smooth as possible. You will have a better experience with the app overall once you download the update and get these bug fixes and performance improvements.

In the comments below, we want to know if you currently use Microsoft Outlook for your personal or business needs. What do you think of the new features added to the Android app this week? Are you going to be using the starring feature to make certain contacts your favorites? Do you like the ability to now only receive notifications from those that you have added to your favorites? What other changes are you hoping Microsoft releases in the future for Outlook?