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Microsoft Outlook Updates on Android

Jan 16, 2017

Microsoft has updated Microsoft Outlook on Android devices. The new update will add support for mentions, which is the @ sign like you would see on social media sites like Twitter. This new update comes as Microsoft continues to update its apps on both Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft Outlook Adds Mentions on Android Update

Microsoft Outlook for Android just got a pretty cool update, which is that the app now supports mentions. This means you can include @ in the email body, and then select people from your contacts that the email will be sent to. When you select the contact, their name will appear in the “To” line of the email and you will see their name in the message highlighted in blue.

Another cool thing about this Microsoft Outlook update is that the recipient will notice the @ sign with their name tagged in their inbox. When it comes to the support for Mentions, it also will work the other way around on Android too. This means you can setup support to flag all of the incoming emails that have you in the @ Mentions. You also have the ability to have all of your email accounts put into one email account on Microsoft Outlook. When you open Microsoft Outlook, all of your messages that you set as important will be on the top, which is nice.

The list of all of the Microsoft Outlook updates coming to Android is pretty short, but pretty cool at the same time. For one, you can forward invitations to people easier. This allows you to add people to the events with ease just by clicking the forward button. You can only use this new feature if you have Microsoft Office 365.

Another feature includes mentioning people by using the @ sign in an email. This will allow people to see the things they need to see so they know what to read or do. You will also be able to see yourself mentioned in emails because you will see the @ sign right in your inbox on Microsoft Outlook.

You can head to Google Play Store right now and click on the hamburger in the left corner if you already have Microsoft Outlook installed to get the newest update. You will need to get to the My Apps & Games section in order to find Microsoft Outlook. From there, click “Update” and then Microsoft Outlook will begin updating. You also can choose to wait for the over-the-air update to hit your Android device, although it happens sporadically so you might not get the update on your Android device for a while if you wait.