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Microsoft Pulls Word Flow App From iOS

Aug 3, 2017

Microsoft has decided to pull the keyboard app known as Word Flow from Apple’s App Store. If you have not heard about Word Flow before, it was a keyboard app from Microsoft that would bring various capabilities to iOS that were on the Windows Phones.

In an effort to focus on iOS and Android, Microsoft has decided that pulling Word Flow from Apple’s App Store is the best move. Read on to learn more about this news and what it means for you.

Word Flow Keyboard App Pulled from iOS

Microsoft has just pulled the Word Flow keyboard from Apple’s App Store, which is a bit of bad news if you have been using Word Flow. Word Flow was pushed onto Apple’s App Store because Microsoft wanted people to have the same keyboard capabilities on iOS as they do on Windows Phone. Word Flow was one of the first keyboard apps to use predictive capabilities, but Swiftkey was also using this new functionality. Microsoft is now saying that people need to be heading to Swiftkey and downloading that onto their iOS devices.

Word Flow also had other features including customized backgrounds, search functionality, and one-handed mode. The one-handed mode was cool because the keyboard could be changed into a curved option, which was known as an Arc. The Arc was actually what made Word Flow stand out when compared to other keyboard apps like Swiftkey.

Arc allowed you to type much quicker and easier if you were one-handed. The keyboard app itself was made from the Microsoft Garage, which is part of Microsoft where some crazy and unique ideas are created. Some of these ideas are experimental and end up not working, while other times some pretty cool apps seem to come from the Garage.

Microsoft Word Flow App Shuts Down on iOS

Speaking of Microsoft Garage, it has come out with some really funny apps since it was put together. One of those apps was an artificial intelligence app that could recognize and identify various dog breeds. Another cool Microsoft Garage app was one where it was an alarm and in order to shut the alarm off, you had to make some funny and weird faces.

While Windows Phone itself ended up being a dud and now has completely been irrelevant. Even though the Windows Phone did not work out, Microsoft is using a lot of the functionality and features found in Windows Phone to make new apps for both iOS and Android. Swiftkey is one of the apps that has come out of Windows Phone debacle.

As far as Swiftkey is concerned, Microsoft ended up paying $250 million for the company behind Swiftkey. Microsoft said that when it purchased the company, Swiftkey was being used on over 300 million devices between both iOS and Android. So to sum up the news, Word Flow is no longer available on Apple’s App Store and Microsoft is now telling people to download Swiftkey instead if they want a keyboard app. Since the two apps are very similar, if you were using Word Flow you will not be missing out on any features by now switching to Swiftkey.