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Microsoft release Window 10 for Lumia and other smartphones

Mar 19, 2016

Microsoft release Window 10 for Lumia and other smartphones: We have been waiting too long for the Windows 10 smart phone and finally the wait is over. There have been a lot of delays and now the Windows 10 Phone is about to release. The company is about to expose it in from of the fans very soon. The Microsoft company has already made announcements regarding the upgrade and says that it will hold true for several Lumia handsets and also the gadgets which run of the Windows operating system.Window 10 mobile, Microsoft

Microsoft release Window 10 for Lumia and other smartphones

The last Thursday, Microsoft announced Windows 10 will be allowed for around eighteen Lumia handsets at the moment. Several non Lumia smart phones with work on Windows will also be provided with the upgrade.

If you have a Windows smart phone, then you can download the update as soon as you get it from the official store. You have to click on the Enable Windows 10 update button. Then they will inform you about whether your handset is compatible with the new update or not. If it is then you can update your operating system from settings. Then, good luck with the upgrade process.

However if you own a Lumia handset that does not support the update, then you just have to wait patiently until the update is available for your device. The company claims that they are still testing how this new operating system would work on the older phones and thus that accounts for all the delay. They will release the update once they are sure. The new Windows 10 has a few new innovations that might not work well in the older phones and thus they are not making it available so soon.

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The new OS provides a lot of new features like the Cortana has been improved, the Home screen has been changed a bit, the live tiles have been enhanced and a few new features like the Windows Hello has been inserted.

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Microsoft says that their main aim lies in the delivery of good service to all its users and customers and thus they are making utmost efforts to do so.