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Microsoft Releases Edge Browser for iOS & Android

Oct 5, 2017

Microsoft is releasing the Edge browser for iOS and Android, which is a step in trying to keep the PC relevant. We have told you for a while that Microsoft is really upping the ante by bringing a lot of new apps to both iOS and Android. Instead of Microsoft focusing on the Windows phone, it has been working on releasing new and better apps for the two most popular mobile platforms. By bringing Microsoft Edge to both iOS and Android, Microsoft is trying to bring the experience of Edge to the non-Windows devices.

Microsoft Brings Edge to Both iOS & Android

What is different here is that Microsoft is not just going to be placing the Edge browser on iOS or Android. Instead, Microsoft is focusing on the Microsoft Edge experience, and making that available on both platforms. It will look and feel just like Microsoft Edge, and will also help unify those running on a PC with the mobile devices.

With the new browser, you will see a “continue on PC” option, which will allow someone to share information from the mobile device to the computer. This could be pictures, videos, photos, and documents. There will be a way you can seamlessly share that information between the Windows computer and the iOS or Android device.

The Microsoft Edge iOS app will use WebKit, which is what Apple uses. The Android version of Microsoft Edge will be using the Blink engine which is through Chromium. This app is not quite out yet though, but you can sign up to test the Edge browser right now. If you are on an iOS device, you can head to the TestFlight option on Apple in order to try out the preview app of Edge. If you are on Android, you will need to head over to the Microsoft website in order to sign up to have access to the preview version once it launches.

Microsoft Edge Browser Coming to Mobile

The iOS and Android Microsoft Edge apps will be in English-only to start off. Microsoft did say that there will be more countries and languages added as the preview expands. The bad news here is that not everything on Edge will be on the iOS or Android browsers. In the beginning, history, tabs, and roaming passwords are going to be left out of the app.

Android tablets and iPad support is also going to be left out in the beginning. These things will all be supported later on down the road. We might not see Microsoft adding all this additional support until sometime after the official release of the Edge browser. For now, we will just have to wait and see since Microsoft is focused on just getting the iOS and Android apps out first.

If you are a Windows Insider, you will be able to get the new “Continue to PC” feature. This feature is limited to those with the Windows Insiders account for now. In about two weeks, the full “Continue to PC” feature will be available to everyone. Windows Insiders have already been testing out this feature in a limited manner ever since the beginning of summer. You will need to link your Windows 10 computer to your Android or iOS device in order for this to work.

Enabling the sharing of a web page also has to be enabled from either the iOS Safari browser or the Android Chrome browser. If you would like to try out the new features, you should sign up to become a Windows Insider if you have not already. For those that are part of the program, you should be seeing the new iOS and Android browser with the features rolling out now.