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Microsoft Releases Office 2016 for Windows

Sep 28, 2015

Yesterday, Microsoft released Office 2016 for Windows. The office suite includes updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Project, Visio and Access. Office 2016 should make it easier to collaborate on documents with other users.

According to Microsoft, among the new features in Word is that you will have the ability to work simultaneously on one document with other Office 2016 users. Members of a collaboration are able to comment, which will appear in real-time. The real-time function only used to work on web apps, but is also made available in Office 2016.

In the Outlook application, it should be easier and faster to use its search function. Microsoft has also improved the access to attachments in OneDrive for all recipients of emails. In Excel, you are now able to publish your work to Microsoft’s business intelligence program, which is called Power BI. The table types in Excel have also received a makeover.

Skype for Business is integrated in Office 2016 and the ribbon in Office 2016 contains the Tell Me window. This should allow users to receive correct commands after making use of the search function, which replaces the traditional help menu.


A lot of the features to collaborate with other users were already integrated in Office 2013, but Microsoft has made it easier to find and use those features in Office 2016. In addition, there are new features such as Office 365 Groups, which allow you to create public or private teams. Each team receives its own inbox, calendar, notepad and OneNote web storage.

There will also be a preview of an Office 365 Planner application, which allows teams to organize their work. Microsoft has also scheduled updates for OneDrive for Business, which will expand its functionalities and include the option to synchronize your files. In the preview version of Office 365 First Release, there is a program called GigJam, which gives you the ability to track and complete business tasks.

Finally, Microsoft also claims to have upgraded its security. Microsoft has included support for multi-factor authentication, and there will be tools available for users to be able to securely share their work, both on the mobile and desktop versions of the applications.

Microsoft Office 2016 is available in forty seven different languages. You will need to have Windows 7 or a later version of Windows in order to be able to run Office 2016. Office 365 subscribers can download the package directly as part of their subscription, which will also include several updates in the coming month.

In addition, Office 2016 will also be available as a one-time update, but Microsoft has not yet given any details about this. The prices for Office 365 remain unchanged. Office 2016 for Mac was already published in July.

Microsoft is also working on a new smartwatch

Next to releasing Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows, several pictures have been leaked on the internet, claiming that Microsoft is also working on a smartwatch. The most interesting aspect of this new smartwatch is that it will have a curved screen, judging by the pictures that have been leaked online.

According to those same pictures, the smartwatch will be called Microsoft Band 2, will have a metallic finish and has two physical buttons. Next to being released in the United States of America, the Band 2 should also be released in several European counties, such as Germany and Spain.


The leaked pictures of the Microsoft Band 2 were published on the Spanish Microsoft Insider website. The pictures show that the smartwatch is in line with the original Microsoft Band, when it comes to design. The most striking change is that the screen on the Microsoft Band 2 will have a curved screen. The screen itself contains metal edges and two physical buttons, which also seem to be made out of metal.

There is not a lot of information available about the specifications of the Microsoft Band 2; however, it is speculated that there is an altimeter in the smartwatch. Next to that, the new Band 2 will not only be available in the United States and United Kingdom, but also in Europe. The website specifically mentions Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

In all probability, Microsoft is going to unveil the Band 2 on October the 6th at an event surrounding Windows 10 devices. According to rumors, a new Surface Pro tablet and several Lumia smartphones will be announced.

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