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Microsoft Releases Parchi Note App for Android

Oct 25, 2015

Good news for Android users out there as Microsoft has come out with another Android app, and this new app called Parchi, is only available on Android devices. Parchi is an app that lets you take down notes that you need to remember or know for later reference, and it was created by the Microsoft Garage Team, which is quickly becoming successful.


Parchi is now available on Google Play and it will work on any Android device that has version 4.2 Jelly Bean and above. Parchi is nothing special, as it is just a note taking app for people who want to remember things, but it does have a few differences compared to all of the other note-taking apps out there in the marketplace for Android. When you look at the Microsoft Garage project, you might want to think more about paper-pencil or sticky notes when you think about Parchi. This means that it is more centered on a quick note taking type of application than anything else.

What makes Parchi more interesting than many other note-taking apps out there is that Parchi uses hashtags as a way to filter searches. If you do not know what hashtags are, it is the # symbol often used on Twitter to filter searches based on a topic, such as #hurricane. This will help you stay organized because you can hashtag your notes based off of what the event or note theme is, such as #party or #groceries, and then you can just go through and search the hashtag when you need to access the notes on that topic.

You will also notice that Parchi has a Quick Notes feature, which allows you to take notes right from the lock screen, which enables you to take notes without ever having to unlock your device, and this is great for people on the go. You also can add pictures to notes, use colors, and even add texts to notes that you have already written.

Parchi also lets users share notes over social media, WhatsApp, email, and SMS so you can take a note and then send it to a friend if it is about something both of you would want to remember, such as where the restaurant you are going to is located. This is part of what makes Parchi different from other note-taking apps out there, since not only can you hashtag search but you also can share your notes with your friends and family with ease.

A lot of people have been wondering though why Microsoft would go out of their way to make this note-taking app for Android devices? This is even more odd since Microsoft OneNote has been out there for quite a long time, so it seems odd Microsoft would go through all of this for an Android-only app. One thing to keep in mind though is that Parchi is coming from Microsoft Garage Team, which is basically the area where the interns and employees get to show off their skills and talents by making an idea or invention into a reality. It is basically like a place where you go when you want to create something, and then sometimes these projects work out, while other times the projects do not work out. If Parchi or other types of apps indeed work out, then Microsoft often will adopt those ideas into their products and apps. For example, if the various features of Parchi become a hit, then Microsoft will likely put those ideas and features into the next OneNote update, and that will be that as they say.


Microsoft came up with the name because Parchi in Hini means a small piece of paper used to take notes, which is basically what we would consider to be sticky notes. When you look at the app it is quick, light-weight, and very much resembles the sticky note style, and it will help keep your things organized without having to use Post-It notes all over the place. One other cool feature of this app is that you can also favorite notes, which is good if you need to remember a specific date or event, since you can favorite that note so you do not forget about it in the coming days or weeks.

The only bad news is that this app is not compatible with a lot of Android devices, and it is not yet available in a lot of the markets, which means you might not meet the regional limitation for this app. This app might or might not be available everywhere and for all devices since it is a Garage Team project, but there is an APK as well if you would like to try to install that on your Android device.