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Microsoft Surface Audio App Launched for iOS & Android

May 14, 2020

The Microsoft Surface Audio app has arrived for both iOS and Android this week ahead of a new Surface release. Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 and the Microsoft Surface Earbuds officially launched in stores May 12. In order to prepare for the release of these two new products, the app has officially been launched. Read on to learn more about the Microsoft Surface Audio app and what it will allow you to do with the headphones and earbuds.

Microsoft Releases Surface Audio App as New Headphones & Earbuds Hit Market

This week, Microsoft released the Surface Headphones 2 and the Surface Earbuds to retail stores. Due to these items being released Microsoft has already launched the app to go with these products to both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Not only will the app be available for those on iOS and Android, but the app is also now available for Windows 10. This app is really going to help you manage your headphones or earbuds.

The app itself is called Surface Audio and it’s going to allow you to update your accessories as well as manage them. You will be able to adjust various settings related to your earbuds or headphones. The great news is that it won’t even matter what the accessory is paired with or to. There is an equalizer option, a setting where you can change your language. You’ll have customizable controls as well. It’s within the app where you can also download firmware updates for your headphones or earbuds once those updates have been released.

Surface Audio App Allows You to Customize Headphones & Earbuds

If you download the Surface Audio app for your iOS or Android device, you’ll love the amount of customization found within the app. By customization, we also are talking about editing what you want to call your earbuds or headphones. It’s very easy to edit the name of those earbuds or headphones using the new Surface Audio app. You also will be able to see more details about your device as well as find tutorials for your specific accessory, whether it’s the earbuds or headphones.

When you open up the Surface Audio app, the first thing you’ll see is the home screen. This home screen is where you can see all of the important details related to your headphones or earbuds. This includes information about the battery level, such as how much time you have before the battery will die.

You will also be able to see information about what the battery level is currently. You can also see the noise cancellation and volume levels right from the home screen of the Surface Audio app. If you plan on purchasing either the headphones or the earbuds, then downloading this app is a must if you want to control your accessory and also learn more details about your accessory.

Are You Going to Purchase Surface Audio Products & Download the App?

When it comes to headphones and earbuds, we know that most options aren’t that cheap. These two products are no different than most other similar products on the market. If you would like to purchase the Surface Headphones 2, they will cost you about $250. The Surface Earbuds are also fairly expensive with a price tag of $200. That is basically the going rate for name-brand higher-quality headphones or earbuds, so Microsoft is not out of range with these prices.

In the comments below, we want to know whether or not you will be purchasing the Headphones 2 or the Earbuds this week? Did you already pre-order the product and have you had the chance to try them out yet? What do you think about the price point for these items?

Do you think that the price is a little much for a Microsoft product or is this the range you plan on spending on headphones or earbuds? Do you think that the app is going to make these accessories better for your iOS or Android device? What about the app do you find most useful and what about the app do you dislike? Are there any other features or functions that you wish would show up on the app in future updates?