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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Apr 18, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review: The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is cool to look at. Just a few months after the launch of Pro 4 in the US the Microsoft launched the tablet in India in January. It is a tablet that can replace your laptop but from the perspective of tablet this device has a number of problems.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

  • Then second it happened when we were watching and turned screen off for just few seconds to take a call.
  • In the first few hours of the testing the Surface switched off in the middle of use.
  • Third time this happened while writing some important notes and it removed around 500 words of the unsaved work.
  • Also, its battery life was not so good.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Software


The Surface Pro 4 is a good looking tablet with sharply edge angle and it is fantastic when you have to consider design from a purely aesthetic perspective. The iconic Surface kickstand at the back make it a great looking product and 12.9-inch display dominates the design.

The tablet is just 29.2cm/20.1cm/0.8cm in size and 786g of weight and 292g is added by the keyboard. Using the keyboard is really simple and takes no effort or time. At the right side of the tablet there is a full sized USB 3.0port, a micro SD under the Kickstand, Mini Display port and the charging port.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Screen

It is very easy to find it even in the dark because the port is also magnetized.  The AC adaptor is very small. At the bottom there is a connector for the keyboard to connect to. At the top near the left edge there is 3.5mm port for audio out and the power and volumes are on the top side. The camera is positioned at the back near the top.  The stand looks thin and it is very easy to pull out with just two fingers. The stand will allow a huge range of movement. The Surface feels remarkably well built and it works really effective. The Surface Pen was very good to use and it also works extremely good for note taking. You can write quickly and accurately with the Surface Pen.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard

The Cover Keyboard was the only area where some problems arrived. As the cover is very light it does not provide stability if you will use this laptop on your lap.

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But there is one thing we loved about the keyboard is the trackpad on it. Although it is small but it is extremely accurate and hugely responsive.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Design


  • The Surface Pro 4 is priced at Rs. 89,990.
  • It comes with 6th generation Intel Core processor
  • It is Clocked at 2.40GHz
  • It has 4GB of RAM.
  • 128 GB of storage
  • Number of ports
  • With Dolby sound it has in built speakers
  • Resolution of 2736/1824 pixels


Opening dozens of Chrome tabs, simultaneously working on word, editing PDF files while listening to music whole time was perfectly smooth. The Surface Pro does heat up even when you are using it or while playing game. But the battery life is disappointing.

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Otherwise in terms of performance this device is good. The device is good enough for most of the office work so we tested the performance in playing number of games.

For example: we played Skyrim at 1440/900 with high textures and other settings on low we got over 20 fps of typical frame and Battlefield 4 also ran at 1440/900pixels at 30fps.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Camera


The Surface Pro 4 is very impressive tablet. Although it is not one of the best tablet we have used because of some issues like

  • Scaling of visual elements
  • Limited battery life

Those people who are not going to be a reason for everyone to spend around a lakh rupee on this laptop but yes at least for some people it wil be going to be a very appealing device instead. PRICE: Rs. 89,990.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Body


  • Sturdy construction
  • Great design
  • Plenty power


  • Short battery life
  • Great design
  • Not fully finger friendly