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Microsoft SwiftKey iOS Update Adds New Emoji Prediction

Jul 20, 2017

Microsoft SwiftKey just got an update on iOS, and this update brings new features and changes to the app. If you have not heard about SwiftKey previously, Microsoft acquired the app last year in an estimated $250 million deal. SwiftKey is a keyboard app, and there are a ton of additions on the new Microsoft SwiftKey iOS update.

What makes Microsoft SwiftKey different is that it uses artificial intelligence and various machine learning tools in order to improve prediction learning. Read on to learn about the new Microsoft SwiftKey iOS update and what new learning tools have been created.

Microsoft SwiftKey iOS App Adds Emoji Prediction Panel

The biggest change you will notice in the new Microsoft SwiftKey iOS app update is that there is a new Emoji Prediction Panel. This was made possible because of that artificial intelligence and machine learning that SwiftKey has been using to predict your next word. Basically, after typing something and then clicking on the Emoji button, there will now be 18 emojis that show up.

These 18 emojis are known as the Emoji Prediction Panel, and it is Microsoft SwiftKey guessing which emoji would be appropriate for what you just said. This means that as you type, you will now be more productive since it will be easier to find just the emoji you are looking for.

Beyond that new feature, there are also eight more Oxygen themes that have been added to the Microsoft SwiftKey iOS app. There are a ton of colors to choose from with the Oxygen themes now, including light blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, and orange. These are free Oxygen themes and you can use them to change up your keyboard by clicking on “Design” from within the app itself. While the new Oxygen themes might not be something crucial to the app for functionality, it definitely makes the app look better and it can be fun changing up the colors of your Microsoft SwiftKey app.

Microsoft SwiftKey iOS Update Brings More Features

There are also new 3D Touch capabilities in the Microsoft SwiftKey iOS update. You will notice a more responsive keyboard, which allows you to quickly swipe across the board. Another cool thing is that if you perform certain actions on the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard, you will feel a light vibration. You can feel the vibration by doing things like opening up the new Emoji Prediction Panel.

15 more languages are also now supported in the app, including Greenlandic and Egyptian Arabic. Dagbani, Ewe, Tanglish, Wolof, Northern Sami, and Shona were also added as language options in this update. There were even more languages added that you can check out if you download the new version of the app. If you would like to check out the new features, including the Emoji Prediction Panel and the new Oxygen themes, you can download Microsoft SwiftKey from Apple’s App Store right now. If you have this app already on your iOS device, you should be seeing the update within the next 24 hours as it is coming out via the over-the-air update option if you have that feature enabled.