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Microsoft Updates OneDrive & Arrow Launcher on Android

Nov 28, 2016

We just told you the other day about updates to Cortana, but now Microsoft is releasing updates for OneDrive and Arrow Launcher. These updates are sure to keep Android users happy as Microsoft continues pushing towards software and hardware development for both Android and iOS devices. These updates are just the first in a string of many that have already came to or are coming to Android in the coming months.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive & Arrow Launcher for Android

Arrow Launcher- The updates that Microsoft made to Arrow Launcher are going to help you customize as well as add more memory efficiency. When it comes to Arrow Launcher, which is now at version 2.7, you will notice that you can swipe down now to search. This makes searching a lot easier and you can also change the grid layout of the page. There are various options available which lets you change the apps, such as 4×5 or 4×6.

arrow-laucher-androidNot only that but the update allows you to customize your content on the recent page. There are also memory improvements to the app which will give you 10% better memory performance. There are also some glitch and bug fixes in this update, which all will help you enjoy the app more, and make Arrow Launcher a more user-friendly Android app. The updates will also tie up some vulnerabilities and security issues, so you are going to both get new features and updates, and also get a more secure app with fixes. The update for Arrow Launcher is already going out over-the-air on Android devices. If you would like to get the updated version quicker, you can always go to Google Play and download the newest version.

OneDrive- Storage is very important for Android users, and now OneDrive is being updated to allow you an easier experience when it comes to sorting through your stored files. You will now be able to sort and find your files that are saved on OneDrive. The specifics of how that will happen in this update were not released, but it is going to enhance your experience overall. You also will be able to get more work done because more pencils and paintbrushes have been added to OneDrive for Android. You can download the new OneDrive updated version from Google Play right now. You also can choose to wait for the update to come to your Android device via the over-the-air update option. It should be rolling out now and get to all Android devices within the next week.

The best part about these updates is that it is showing the commitment from Microsoft to focus on Android and iOS devices as opposed to working on Windows phones and apps. Microsoft has rededicated itself to Android within the past year, and has made it a priority to make apps more user-friendly and allow for more customization as opposed to focusing on making new products. You will find that there will be even more updates for Microsoft apps coming to Android in the near future, with many already hitting the Google Play Store.