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Microsoft Vows to Bring More Xbox Games to Steam

Jun 3, 2019

We have great news coming out of Microsoft this week as the company has announced a huge shift in how it approaches Windows PC games. Microsoft just announced that it will be bringing more Xbox games to Steam and other digital stores.

This is really good news because people have been saying Microsoft needs to bring these Windows games to Steam for some time now. We are happy to report that Microsoft is finally going to move to Steam and other similar digital stores starting right now. There are some details about this news that we can share with you right now and hopefully it makes you just as excited.

Microsoft Aiming to Bring More Xbox Games to Steam in 2019

Microsoft is finally realizing it’s a good idea to bring more Windows PC games to Steam and other similar digital stores. It took the company quite a long time to come to this realization, mostly because Steam and other digital stores are competition to Windows PC. The executive vice president of the gaming division over at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, make this announcement a couple days ago.

Spencer said that it’s important you have a choice when it comes to where you purchase your PC games, which is why this move is being made. We already knew that “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” would be coming to the PC sometime later this year. That was announced back in March and we know it will be coming to Steam as well as the Microsoft Store. There will be over 20 different Xbox Game Studio games that will also be coming to Steam as part of this move.

Microsoft Adding More than 20 Xbox Game Studio Titles to Steam

Probably the biggest news out of this is that we will be getting more than 20 games in the near future. The games that will be coming to Steam include “Gears 5” as one of the first releases. We also know that the series “Age of Empires” will also be coming to Steam. This includes all of the games in the franchise, which is the Definitive Editions of I, II, and III. Steam is really one of the most trusted in terms of sources to go for purchasing PC games and Microsoft is very well aware of this fact.

Microsoft also went onto say in the announcement that it will also be coming to other competing digital stores in the future. The company is working with other digital stores beyond Steam to bring Xbox Game Studio titles to everyone regardless of where they prefer to purchase their PC games. The PC gaming community has made it pretty clear that choice is what matters, which means a choice in where to purchase PC games.

Microsoft Branches Out to Steam with Xbox Titles & Adds Support for Win32 Applications

While we are very happy that Microsoft will be branching out and adding more games to Steam in the future, that’s not the only good news this week. We also learned that Microsoft has decided to add support for Win32 applications in the Microsoft Store on Windows. Win32 is one of the most popular app formats for game developers these days.

We are excited that Microsoft has finally decided to support Win32 on the Microsoft Store. This means more games will be able to head over to the Microsoft Store, and it will give developers a lot more options. Developers will now be able to bring more control and customization to games with this support.

As for the Xbox titles that will be coming to Steam, we are going to be hearing more news this upcoming weekend. On June 9, the E3 convention will be going on and Microsoft is going to be talking more about this news during the Xbox E3 event. We are hopeful that some more of the most popular Xbox titles will be coming to Steam in 2019. Since we are mid-way through the year, it might take until next year for all of the upcoming 20 titles to actually make it onto Steam.

We will keep you updated on this news and hopefully after E3, we will have more details we can pass along. Tell us in the comments below what you think of this news and if you are excited for more Xbox games to make it onto Steam in the near future. What games are you hoping Microsoft will port over to Steam and what games do you think would make excellent Steam choices?