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More Augmented Reality Apps Coming to Android

Nov 10, 2017

Google just said that there will be millions of augmented reality apps coming to Android within the next year. Augmented Reality could be the new “it” technology of the future, and Google is surely trying to help that happen. The lead for the VR unit over at Google, Amit Singh, mentioned it. He recently commented on how much Google is investing into the new augmented reality apps. If you have an Android device, be prepared for the onslaught of these augmented reality apps. It seems that we should begin to see them in 2018. We have all of the latest information on what Google is working on in regards to the augmented reality apps, so read on to learn more.

Augmented Reality Apps Coming to Android by the Millions

According to Google, the amount of augmented reality apps coming to Android next year will be in the millions. Hundreds of millions to be more precise, at least that is the hope of those working in the Google VR unit. The lead person working in the VR unit over at Google, Amit Singh, talked about the really ambitious goals that the company has in mind. Google was already talked about how there will be advanced augmented reality support coming to about 100 million devices. That is the plan before the end of 2018, but the company plans on having millions of augmented reality apps available by 2018.

Google is trying to get millions of Android devices the tools they need to become augmented reality devices within the next year. Google wants augmented reality to be a main feature for all types of Android devices, both on the high-end models and the lower-end models of devices. Over the next two years, Google plans on rolling out the augmented reality support to the mid-tier Android devices and the lower-tier Android devices. Of course, it is likely that the higher-end models of Android phones will have augmented reality capabilities first.

Augmented Reality Apps A Possibility With ARCore

The reason why the millions of augmented reality apps could be a very real possibility for Google is because Google launched an SDK. The SDK, which is a software development kit, is called ARCore. This will allow various developers to put the augmented reality capabilities within any Android device without needing more hardware or more sensors. ARCore has been going on for a little while now, with more developers now getting in on the action. Google and these developers are working together to bring the augmented reality experience to more people.

There are a ton of possibilities with the augmented reality apps, including games like Pokemon Go. This one location-based super popular game has earned more than $1 billion in revenue just through in-app purchases alone. Augmented reality apps are also coming out for other categories, such as shopping. IKEA released an augmented reality app recently. The IKEA app allows you to shop from home and model new furniture items before you actually buy them. You can see what these items look like right from your living room. This is good since you can see if the dimensions and colors line up with your real room. The IKEA augmented reality app was put out on Apple devices. If you did not know, Apple has what is known as ARKit. ARKit is very similar to what Google is developing with ARCore. It brings augmented reality right into your living room.

As for Google, the ARCore is only on the Pixel 2 and Pixel devices. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus also have the ARCore feature. Soon though, this will be changing as Google brings ARCore to more devices, including both the expensive and inexpensive models of Android. So are you excited to see what Google has in store for these augmented reality apps? Do you think Google is being too ambitious with the millions of augmented reality apps goals? Let us know what you think about this new Google venture in the comments.

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