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Minecraft Earth Coming to iOS & Android This Summer

May 21, 2019

Microsoft recently announced a new augmented reality game that would be coming for mobile based on the highly popular Minecraft game. We have since learned that this game is called Minecraft Earth and it will be released for both iOS and Android later on this summer. Sometime within the summer, the game will go into a closed beta on Android and iOS before it’s released.

If you have played the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft before, then you will get an idea of what this game is all about. Minecraft Earth is like Bedrock but twisted with augmented reality. We have some details about this new Minecraft Earth game we wanted to share with you, so read on to learn more.

Minecraft Earth Landing on iOS & Android Summer 2019

In early summer, you will be able to play the new Minecraft Earth if you are on Android. It will be heading into a closed beta early this summer on Android and iOS, which is great news. If you have not heard about this game before, it’s going to be like Bedrock Edition but with augmented reality. You will be able to play the full game within the real world using the lens of your smartphone. In the game, you can explore, survive, and create within the real world.

Minecraft Earth is going to be a free-to-play game on both iOS and Android. We know that in this game, loot boxes are not going to be available. All other aspects of Minecraft will be present in this game, and it will be similar to Pokemon GO. What we mean by this is that landmarks and streets in real life will be part of the map within the game. You can travel the surroundings around you and it will allow you to explore the map in the game.

Minecraft Earth Mobile Game Similar to Pokemon GO but Better

In Minecraft Earth, you will have something called Tapables in the game. These Tapables once you tap on them will give you resources. The resources could be anything from adventures to mobs or treasure chests. You want to try to collect as many of these as you can because you will need these items to build and to improve your buildings. If you are in the Building Mode, you will find that these Tapables are going to help you build more items in your world.

What sets this game apart is that you and your friends will be able to see the same exact thing on your smartphone if you are in the same location. You can experience the same game at the same time with your friends, so it’s more of a multiplayer virtual world than a solo game. If you are sitting in the park, you can hold up your phone and see your building right beside the real world buildings. Your friends will be able to see your creation too, and you can see theirs if they made one in the park too.

How to Play Minecraft Earth Beta on Mobile

While you cannot play Minecraft Earth right now in beta form, you can sign up to receive notifications about the game. Microsoft opened up the sign-up form and this allows you to register for the beta once it becomes available. In order to register for the beta version, you need to have an Xbox Live account and also have Android Nougat or higher if you are playing through your Android device. If you head on over and register, then you will get a free skin for the game when it’s released.

Since the beta will be coming out in early summer, we expect that within the next month or two, it will be open to play in beta form. In the comments below we want to know what you think of this new augmented reality game based on Minecraft. Do you think that this new game will give you a better way to interact with the real world around you? Are you excited that you and your friends will be able to see the same buildings at the same time? This will be a free-to-play game on both iOS and Android so does that make you more likely to try it out? What other features would you like to see on Minecraft Earth when it’s released this summer?