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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Receives In-game Marketplace

Apr 11, 2017

If you are a gamer, it is almost impossible for you to not have heard about Minecraft. To be honest, you don’t even need to be a gamer to know about Minecraft. In case you don’t know anything about Minecraft, it is an open world sandbox game. The game world is entirely made out of blocks.

Mining those blocks allows you to craft items, create constructions and much more. There is also a mobile version of Minecraft available on iOS and Android, called Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It is said that Minecraft: Pocket Edition will receive an in-game marketplace, where players can create and sell their in-game items for real currencies.

Minecraft Marketplace

The popular Minecraft: Pocket Edition will receive an important update in the near future. The update will allow you to buy and sell in-game content on the so-called marketplace. Content includes, but is not limited to, different kinds of maps, texture packs, mini-games etc.

If you are lucky, and get chosen by Microsoft as a trusted seller, you will be able to sell your content on the Minecraft Marketplace. Since Minecraft is such a popular game, it’s very likely that trusted sellers will make a lot of money. Parents need to be careful, however. Children will be able to spend money on the marketplace if a credit card is linked to device owner’s account.

The Minecraft Marketplace is an obvious chose by Microsoft. It will allow Microsoft to earn extra revenue through an extremely popular game. For every transaction that takes place through the Minecraft Marketplace, Microsoft will receive a cut. It is not yet clear how big of a cut Microsoft will take, but it is speculated to be anywhere between one and five percent.

In-game Coins

In order to be able to pay for in-game content on the marketplace, you will need to buy in-game coins first. The coins are being sold in different quantities, starting at a dollar. From those in-game coin sales, Microsoft will receive a cut, and the rest will go to the content creators.According to Microsoft, the majority part of the revenue will go to the content creators. The items that you have purchases through your Xbox Live account will also sync with your Minecraft: Pocket Edition. In theory, this should also allow you to use the content that you have purchased on Minecraft: Pocket Edition, on your Xbox, or even on your PC.

If you own an Android device, and you play Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you are in luck, The Beta version of the Minecraft Marketplace will first be released for Android. It is said that the Beta version will be released before the end of April. The in-game coins will be tested in this Beta version. Later this year, the Minecraft Marketplace will open for every player.

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