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Minecraft Update Hits iOS & Android

Jan 18, 2017

If you are playing Minecraft on your iOS or Android device, you might be interested to know that there is an update hitting the popular game right now. The Minecraft update moves the game up to version 1.11.2, and there are a few key changes and updates coming with the new version of Minecraft.

Minecraft Updates on Android & iOS

The new Minecraft update on Android and iOS puts the version at 1.11.2, and the updates coming to the game are small but useful. There are some crash bugs and other bugs that are now eliminated thanks to this Minecraft update. Essentially, the new Minecraft update was pushed out to fix a lot of the bugs and glitches that have plagued the game for some time now both on iOS and Android. There are a couple of new features included in this update as well, but they are fairly minor and nothing too exciting.

A couple of cool updates hitting Minecraft for Android and iOS include the addition of Iron Nuggets. There also is now a Rocket-Propelled Elytra Flight. You will also notice some enhancements on the Sweeping Edge which is for the swords. Another new addition is that there is now a hint when you are planning an attack on the attack indicator.

minecraft ios and android

If you have never heard of Minecraft before, it is a game where you need to move blocks in order to build various things. You then go on journeys and other cool missions in the game. With the new Minecraft update on Android, you also will see new generated worlds and new Survival and Creative modes. You also can play with your friends all over the globe. You will also find that there is a better Wi-Fi Network multiplayer environment. The Android update also includes iconic Creepers.

As far as the iOS update of Minecraft is concerned, you will now notice there are random worlds generated. You also have the Creative and Survival modes on iOS now as well. There are other multiplayer options as well, and now you can play on iPhone 5. The addition of iPhone 5 means you now have widescreen support.

If you want to update your Minecraft on Android or iOS to the new version, just begin the app launcher. You then need to click on “Options” and then click “Force Update” on the Launcher Options menu. Once you do that, click “Done” and then login with your Minecraft username and password. After you login, you will notice Minecraft is updating on your iOS or Android device.

You can either choose to update that way or wait for the over-the-air update on both Android and iOS devices. If you do not already have Minecraft on your Android or iOS device, you can go over to the App Store and download the game now, which will update you to the current version.

You will find that the new worlds in Minecraft will keep you occupied for hours, as there is more you can build and more things you can explore. The best part of Minecraft on Android or iOS is that you can now go into the multiplayer mode and create things with your friends and share them with your friends too.

You will also notice that because of this new Minecraft update, you will have a much smoother game in terms of gameplay, and the performance of the app is much better now as well. The game should not crash anymore and you should not have any issues in terms of glitches or bugs, since the ones that were known about have been fixed in this new update.