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Modern Combat Versus Game Preview

Nov 12, 2017

Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS is an action and first person shooting style game that is brought to you by Gameloft. Modern Combat Versus is a completely free to play first person shooter game for the mobile platform, that claims to ‘define a new era of shooting games’. The game is available for both the Android Google Play Market, as well as the Apple iTunes store, so there is no need to fear of missing out on this new age first person shooter. The game has been in the works for quite some time, so there has been a lot of built up around the release of the game, and now that it is finally coming out for both platforms, fans are definitely excited to get their hands on this futuristic first person shooter.

Modern Combat Versus is a game in which you get to pick the type of character you want to play as, then send that character into an arena to fight against four other players. There are several different classes in the game, from assassins, to support players, so whatever kind of play style you prefer, you will be able to find a class that suits you. The games are a four versus four style, where you are squared off against opponents of a similar skill range, and face off in all different kinds of maps. There are several different types of online matches, including a death match style of game where you simply must kill the enemies. There are also more tactical game types where you must defend and control a central point, as well as a capture the flag style of game.

Cheats & Tips for Modern Combat Versus

Full cheats guide coming soon!

Modern Combat Versus has two different classes or ‘Agents’ as they are referred to in the game, each of which are equipped with their own loadout. These loadouts completely differ depending on the class that you are playing. For example, the more agile classes like assassins carry small machine guns that are easily concealable and allow you to maneuver more quickly, while the tank and support players tend to carry larger weapons with bigger magazine sizes. Each class has their own pros and cons, and there really is no ‘best’ in the game, so whatever you play depends on your own personal preference. The more you play as one specific class, the more you level up that class and the more equipment that you can unlock for that character. Each class starts off with the base set of weapons that are offered to that class, and as you play as them more, you can upgrade their weapons and equipment into better versions of the previous gear.

Currently, there are five different multiplayer maps available to play online. This is a decent amount, but if you play the game a lot, you run the risk of getting burnt out on the lack of diversity amongst the maps. The maps are all slightly different, and some focus on long range team play, while others are more close quarters and rely on more individual skill. I would suspect that as the game grows and the player base expands, that there will definitely be some updates to the game, which would include more maps for players to play on. I would not let this lack of map diversity be something that prevents you from playing the game, as I am sure that more maps will be added in the future.

If you are like me and love these games for the competitive aspect and nature that comes with these type of games, then do not worry. Modern Combat Versus has a great competitive league where you can rank up as you win online games. There are several different ranking categories and a nice ladder system for you to move up as you play more games. This definitely gave me something to look forward to, as I love the feeling of climbing a ladder and becoming in the top percentage of players. There are competitive seasons in this game, and the higher rank you get, the better prizes you earn. You can also earn completely free prizes and rewards just from logging into the game, and that is something that a lot of casual players love about the game.

A common thing about first person shooter games in general is how the controls handle. For me, my experience with first person shooters on the mobile platform has not been pretty. But I must say, that Modern Combat Versus does a good job of making the controls actually useable and the best they can be on a mobile platform. If this is something that concerns you like it does me, I would definitely not let it sway you away from picking up this game and trying it. Although it does not do anything different from other major first person shooters, the game is fluid enough that the controls respond well to your inputs and allow you to make precise movements.

Let it be known that Modern Combat Versus does have in app purchases for real money. The premium currency of the game are diamonds. Diamonds are used for a variety of things throughout the game. The first of which is to open loot crates that you receive while playing the game. You can also use the diamonds to purchase cosmetics from the shop, as well as the black market. The in app purchases vary depending upon how much in real life money you would like to spend, but from my experience, it is not a complete necessity to purchase these unless you want a slight advantage in terms of time spent playing the game. You will most definitely be able to upgrade your classes faster than those who did not purchase, and although it isn’t the best system, you can avoid this by playing a bit extra.

Overall, I would have to say that Modern Combat Versus is a great first person shooter game that actually does it well considering it is on the mobile platform. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is ground breaking, but it does polish a lot of the core gameplay elements which are important for these kind of games. I would probably recommend this game to anyone who wants a super casual experience and a game that is competitive and fun to play in your leisure time. Be warned that this game is definitely a little addicting, and time will fly while you’re playing. The game also has a tendency to drain your battery life, so let it be known before launching into a game that you will need a good amount to play.