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Modern Sniper Cheats & Hack for Ammo, Cash & Gold

May 13, 2018

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a sniper, equipping different kinds of sniper rifles and shooting your enemies from behind cover and a large distance, then Modern Sniper is just the game for you. This game is all about becoming the best sniper there ever was, upgrading your characters skills and equipment and just sniping your way through levels and become the best sniper there ever was. Modern Sniper has been developer and successfully released by game developer Candy Mobile, downloaded over ten million times with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Google Play Store. This action packed came is very popular among FPS lovers and is definitely worth to try out if you are mobile gamer!

There are two different game modes in Modern Sniper, the first one is called Story Mode and the second one is called Endless Mode. The Story Mode is the main mode, where you have fourteen chapters, each consisting of five levels, where you have to shoot your enemies and complete your objectives. In Endless Mode, there are waves of enemies which you need to take down, and the level ends once you are taken down. The more enemies you have taken down, the better you will be rewarded. So you could say that your goal in Modern Sniper is to become the world’s best sniper and shoot your way through different stages, where the enemies are always out to get you, and their weapons always get better and better.

Your character is in this game the Modern Sniper, and you are able to give him a different name if you wish to do so. You are also able to upgrade two of his skills, Breath hold and Fill Skill. Both of these skills can be very helpful during your gameplay, especially in late-game gameplay and they can be upgraded a total of five times. The Breath Hold skill always you to hold in your breath while you aim for an enemy, and lets you hold your weapon more steadily. Upgrading this skill will allow you to hold in your breath longer. The Fill Skill is all about in how much time you are able to reload your weapon. Upgrading this skill will allow you to reload your weapon much faster than before.

There is an in-game shop where you can purchase different equipment for your character, in order to have an advantage during your gameplay. You can purchase better sniper rifles, so it will be easier for you to take down enemies. You can also purchase better armor so you won’t lose as much health points as you would without armor. There are also logistical items you can purchase such as First Aid kits, ammunition and silencers to help you during your gameplay. All of these items are purchasable with in-game cash, which you earn by playing the game.

There is an in-game spinning wheel, which you can spin once every day for free, where you can win great rewards which can really help you during your gameplay. You can win things such as cash currency, premium currency, and upgrades for your weapons, ammunition and power-ups. If you have used your free spin for the day, you can continue spinning by using ten gold bars per spin. This is quiet risky and most of the time, the reward is not worth the ten gold bars.

Modern Sniper In-game store

There are two types of currencies in Modern Sniper, the first one is in the form of cash stacks and is simply called cash and the second one is in the form of gold bars and is called Bullion. You can earn cash by playing through levels and completing your objectives. The better you perform during the levels, the more you will be rewarded. Bullion gold bars are not obtainable in the game by playing it, but only by purchasing them in the in-game store.

The nice thing about how Modern Sniper works is that, every item in the in-game shop is purchasable with in-game cash that you earn by simply completing objectives and playing the game. While the cash is easy to obtain, beware of the fact that in late-game, many weapons can become very expensive to purchase and to upgrade.
Only the Bullion gold bars are purchasable with real money, but these can be used to purchase cash stacks if you are running low. The price of Bullion gold bars start at $1,99 for the smallest stack of 50 Bullion gold bars up till $99,99 for the largest stack of 3500 Bullion gold bars. If you make a purchase of $4,99 and up, the game will become ad-free forever. The price for in-game cash stacks start at 5 Bullion gold bars for the smallest stack of 1500 cash up till 1000 Bullion gold bars for the largest stack of 300.000 cash.

Modern Sniper Cheats & Tips

There are websites on the internet, cheat websites to be precise, that claim they have working cheat tools available for Modern Sniper. These cheat tools allegedly could modify the game files on your mobile device and give you an unlimited amount of cash stacks, Bullion gold bars, and ammunition and also unlock every single level in the game. Many of these websites are designed professionally, with a reason to make the visitors feel comfortable downloading files from there. Most, if not all of these cheat websites are there to lure people into trying to download the fake cheat tools, so that they can generate an income. They do this by forcing people to fill in surveys before they can even download the so called cheat tools.

For the sake of this review, I decided to go to one of those cheat websites and try to download a cheat tool for Modern Sniper. As I already stated above, I needed to fill in a survey before my download would even start. After I completed the survey, my download automatically started. I unpacked the RAR folder and started the cheat tool. It was a program with the logo of Modern Sniper, and it allowed me to fill in as many cash, Bullion gold bars and ammunition as I wanted to receive. After I had done this, the program asked me to connect my mobile device with my computer so that it could inject the modified game files onto my device. Of course, this did not work because these cheat tools are too good to be true. I would advise to never download programs from websites such as these because they could also pack a nasty virus or key logger onto the fake cheat tools, and that would not end well for your computer. Instead of looking for cheats for Modern Sniper, I will give you some tips and tricks which you can use to gain an advantage in your gameplay.


Our Modern Sniper Gameplay Tips

The first thing you should do when you start playing Modern Sniper, is save up all of the cash that you earn. The beginning levels are pretty easy and you won’t need upgraded equipment or weapons to be able to complete them successfully. The reason you should save up your hard earned cash is so that you can purchase higher tier sniper rifles once you have saved up enough, which is a better idea than spending all of your cash on lower tier sniper rifles. Lower tier sniper rifles become very underpowered once you progress through the game, and you would have simply wasted all your cash on the weapon itself.

A very nice way to earn more cash is by leveling your character up to level 5, after which you can play the Endless Mode in Modern Sniper. In Endless Mode, you will be rewarded handsomely, according to how well you have performed. You can keep playing Endless Mode as many times as you want, and save up all the cash which you will receive at the end of it. With the cash you can purchase better sniper rifles, upgrade your characters’ skills, purchase body armor and also purchase essential items such as ammunition.


You could always try to use the time lapse cheat in order to get around the energy bar limitation set in the game. You should forward the time on your device when you have run out of energy, and check if your energy bar has been regenerated. This might occasionally work because I don’t think your time gets checked by the server of Modern Sniper.

Modern Sniper Review

I think it’s a nice idea when games such as Modern Sniper have a small tutorial at the beginning of the gameplay, to teach players the basics about the game. It was nice to learn how to control the sniper, duck into cover, aim at enemies and shoot them, but it was also great to see how you can upgrade your character and how to purchase items in the in-game store. In my opinion, tutorials really help casual mobile gamers, who can easily get confused if a game has a lot of features. The graphics of Modern Sniper are pretty decent, especially for a mobile shooter game but the developers did a good job in making different kinds of environments for the different chapters in the game itself. It was nice to see that the user interface is clear and the screen is not cluttered with buttons and information. It’s simple to go from A to B and just start playing the game. What I also really liked about Modern Sniper is that there are two different game modes and you can play the one you feel like playing the most. Story mode is good if you want to progress through the game and Endless mode is good if you want to practice your aiming and want to earn rewards by doing so.


The first negative aspect about Modern Sniper is the fact there are pop-up advertisements showing up at exactly the moments when you are supposed to tap on the screen to continue. These pop-ups come around when you are for example just starting the game, or when you are in the main menu and are about to tap to play a mission. They are very obstructive and annoying to deal with, especially because of the fact that, if you accidently tap on one of the ads, your game will minimalize and your browser will open up. Normally I wouldn’t bash developers that implement advertisements in their free-to-play games, because of the fact that they need to generate an income, but when the ads are too obstructive, it changes everything. The developers should look into implementing more player-friendly ads, such as banners that do not cover too much of the user interface. It would make Modern Sniper a much more entertaining game to play.

The second negative aspect about Modern Sniper is the fact that players get a limited play time because of an energy bar that is implemented into the game. You have a total of twenty-five energy bolts, and each levels costs you five energy bolts to play. To regenerate one energy bolt, you will need to wait six minutes, so to have a full energy bar, you will need to wait a whopping two and a half hours. You can of course use the premium gold bars called Bullions, to replenish your energy bar right away, but is just makes the game feel like a cheap cash grab. Players should never get limited play time, they should be free to play whenever and however long they want to play a free-to-play game without having to pay many to play more, or wait a very long time to be able to play again.

Modern Sniper Ratings

Artwork: I give Modern Sniper a 7/10 for its artwork. I think the graphics in Modern Sniper are pretty decent for a mobile shooter game and the developers did a good job in detailing out the different environments for the different stages and levels that you are able to play. This makes the game feel livelier and will not bore the player easily because of the fact that you see different kind of level designs and different enemies. I also like the fact that you can purchase other sniper rifles in Modern Sniper, which are pretty detailed and well designed. All the other items have decent artwork to them and the user interface is nice, simple and clear.


Music & SFX: I give Modern Sniper a 7/10 for its music and SFX. The game has a nice soundtrack at the main menu screen, which kind of reminds me of the music in the old Call of Duty games. They prepare the player for what is coming ahead, and I think it really fits the whole Sniper/Shooter game theme. During a level, there is no soundtrack, but rather environment sound effects, which are actually pretty nice. You could hear things such as the wind gusting, which make the environment feel more realistic. Having a soundtrack during the levels might distract a lot of players, so the developers did a good job at simply leaving music out of gameplay. The soundtrack and sound effects all fit the game’s theme very well.


Story & Originality: I give Modern Sniper a 6/10 for its story and originality. While the game itself was pretty entertaining to play, I have already played at least five games which have a similar kind of game mechanics and gameplay as Modern Sniper. There is also no real story behind the game, except for the text bubbles during certain levels. I still will give the game an average rating for originality because of the fact that I could purchase anything in the game with the cash I could earn from playing the game, instead of many things being locked behind premium currencies.

General Gameplay: I give Modern Sniper a 7/10 for general gameplay. After the small tutorial at the beginning of the game ends, the gameplay in Modern Sniper becomes very straightforward but still fun and thrilling to play. The objectives for every level is clear and you know what you have to do before you start playing. I like the fact that the store is clear and simple, and the gameplay itself is not overly complicated. It is also very nice that there are two different types of game modes and you are not strictly bound by the single-player story mode.

Addictiveness: I give Modern Sniper a 5/10 for addictiveness. For me, Modern Sniper is a nice time-killer FPS shooter and I would normally rate the game higher than average for addictiveness, but the developers made the mistake of implementing an energy bar, which really limits the players’ game time. This energy bar allows players to play a total of five times before they need to wait a long while in order to be able to play again. Putting game time limits in free-to-play games is never a good idea in my opinion, because it simply turns off players from the game itself and that is a shame, because Modern Sniper is a decent game to play.

All things considered, I give Modern Sniper a 6/10.