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Monitor Apps Draining Your Battery Coming to Android

Nov 13, 2017

We have some good news about Android 8.1, as this new update will allow you to monitor which apps are draining your battery life. This is definitely an exciting new feature that will be coming with Android 8.1. People have longed for the ability to see exactly which apps are draining their battery life the most. Android 8.1 will be released fairly soon, and this new Battery feature is going to be a battery and life saver for many.

New Battery Setting Allows for Monitoring of Battery Draining Apps

If you have wanted to figure out which app are draining your battery on Android, that will soon be a feature with the Android 8.1 update. With the new Android 8.1 update, which should be released before the end of the year, there is a new battery setting. This new battery setting will allow you to see which apps are draining your battery and how.

There are already apps out there that can allow you to see which apps are draining your battery. One of those apps is the very popular Greenify app. Even some skins on new Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 have the battery monitoring abilities.

This new battery setting though, will be available to all people who upgrade to Android 8.1. You can go into the settings of the battery and you will find a battery icon with a red warning. The apps that are at the top with this red battery icon warning are the apps that are draining your battery the most.

Some of those apps you might find in this area include apps like Tile, Fenix, and Maps. This is often times due to the apps requesting your location a lot, which sucks down the battery life. Apps that also try to keep the Android device awake are also causing battery drainage issues. You will also see information such as what is causing the app to drain your battery and how much battery life the app is squeezing out.

Check Apps Draining Your Battery Easily with Android 8.1

You will easily be able to check out the apps draining your battery with this new Android 8.1 feature. Even better, is that you will be able to see how you can quickly solve the problem. Since you will be able to see what is inside of the app causing the problem, it can help you solve it.

So for example, if it says that location is causing the problem, just go into that app and turn off the location feature. For certain apps, the location feature is essential for the app to work properly, so it might not always be the best idea to turn off the feature. It however, might be good to know if you are running on low battery and need to preserve as much life as possible.

You also will be able to change the app permissions, which can stop it from draining your battery in the future. In the new battery setting, you can also choose to just kill the app entirely, which might be the best course of action depending on the app. You can even choose to just delete the app altogether, and download a different similar app to see if that helps.

We are not exactly sure when the new Android 8.1 will be released, although it was scheduled to be out within the next month or two. The Android 8.1 beta is still live, so that means it is not quite ready for a public release yet. We can expect the new battery life monitoring feature in Android 8.1, and it is unlikely to roll out before the official public release of 8.1.