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Monument Valley 2 Coming to Android in November

Oct 18, 2017

We finally have a release date for Monument Valley 2 on Android. It has been a long time coming, especially since it was first announced at launch as an iOS exclusive. If you have not played the first Monument Valley yet, now is your chance before the second installment hits Google Play Store. Read on to learn about when Monument Valley 2 is set to hit Google Play Store.

Monument Valley 2 Coming to Android November 6

The official release date for Monument Valley 2 on Google Play Store is November 6, 2017. So we have about three weeks before this game officially launches on Android. That is great news since when the game initially launched, it was for iOS only. We have been patiently waiting for the game to hit other platforms, and now developer Ustwo finally released those details. If you do not remember how Monument Valley 2 launched, it basically launched and was announced at the exact same time. This was back in June, and it was definitely a surprise that there was a sequel to Monument Valley.

When it comes to what you will find in this game, it will be similar to what you found in the original Monument Valley. Monument Valley 2 will also be a puzzle game where you have to get characters through certain scenes. The architecture can be almost impossible to get through and recreate, and the design of the game is simply amazing. The original Monument Valley game was so popular that it ended up being downloaded over 30 million times! That is how much fun and entertaining Monument Valley was to play on mobile devices.

Monument Valley 2 Focusing On Narrative

One thing that will be different in Monument Valley 2 is that this game is focusing more on the narrative. There are 14 chapters in this game and the focus will be on the mother and daughter. The scenes will still be just as gorgeous as the first game, and the puzzles will be just as entertaining. There will be new levels in Monument Valley 2 that you can explore.

You will also find that there are going to be more ways that you can interact with the world in this game. If you have played Monument Valley 2 on iOS, then you know exactly what is in store for you. We expect that the game will be around the same price it is right now on iOS, which is $4.99. That is not something we know for sure yet, but the prices typically line up across both iOS and Android.

The lead over at Ustwo studio said that it was important to get the mother as a character in Monument Valley 2. The studio lead, Dan Gray, talked a little bit about this importance back in June. He said that usually video games have the child, but not very often is the mother involved in the story. When it comes to Monument Valley 2, the mother is a central piece of the puzzle so to speak.

This is about the mother being a very powerful figure within the Monument Valley world. The mother is also important because she is handing down knowledge to her child and there to protect her daughter. If Monument Valley 2 sounds like a game you might want to play, you can pre-register for the game right now on Google Play Store. By pre-registering for the game, you will be able to get a notification as soon as the game launches on Android. If you do not want to pre-register, you can just look for Monument Valley 2 in Google Play Store on November 6.