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Mosaic Interactive App Hits Android

Nov 22, 2017

We have good news for you if you have an Android device as the Mosaic app is finally here. The app is now live on Google Play Store. If you have an Android device running Android 5 or above, you will be able to download and use the free app. The Mosaic app is an app developed for the HBO show, which is “Mosaic” by Steven Soderbergh. Read on to learn more about this app and what it can allow you to do.

Mosaic Android App Now Live

The story-telling project titled “Mosaic” is going to be released in January 2018 on HBO. In order to get ready for the story-telling project by Steven Soderbergh, the app was to be released on both iOS and Android. The iOS app landed a few weeks ago and people have already been checking it out. Now the Android version is live on Google Play Store. With this app, you will be able to interact with the story-telling HBO series.

Mosaic” will be a six-hour interactive story-telling project that involves a murder mystery. If you have the Mosaic app on iOS or Android, you will be able to figure out who killed the person by following along and getting some information from the app. The same people that are in the HBO show will be in the Mosaic app, including Frederick Weller, Garrett Hedlund, and Sharon Stone. The writer for “Men in Black” Ed Solomon will also be involved in the project.

Mosaic App Lands on Android & Provides Interaction with Show

The best part about the Mosaic app on Android is that it allows you to go through your own adventures. You can follow various characters and you will have a branched narrative in the app. There are 15 chapters in Mosaic, but you have to slowly unlock them. You will be able to see a ton of information that might not be available in the show. The information includes police reports, emails, newspaper articles, and other clues as to who murdered the victim.

There are more than 24 different clues that you can find in the Mosaic Android app. These clues will help you as you watch the HBO show figure out who did it. A startup company out of New York made the technology that is used in the Mosaic app. The company, PodOp, provides story-telling through collaboration with various filmmakers. In the case of the Mosaic app, Steven Soderbergh, was the filmmaker that the company collaborated with. There are also going to be more opportunities to use the interactive story-telling app technology. The company is now working with Soderbergh on two more shows.

Mosaic App Brings New Way to Watch Television

With the Mosaic app, you will have a new way to watch television. This is definitely a cool experience since it allows you to interact with the show you are watching. Not only that, but you also can end up changing the story with the choices you make in the app. It could end up getting more people interested in shows like “Mosaic” which are shorter in nature.

The technology could also be used for the more long-term shows out there, such as “Game of Thrones” or “Walking Dead.” We think that the Mosaic app being available on iOS and Android now is a good thing. If you would like to check out the Mosaic app right now, head to Google Play Store and download the free app. You will still have to have HBO in order to enjoy the experience and interactive story-telling abilities.