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Top 5 Most Popular Types of Games on Mobile

Dec 4, 2016

When it comes to smartphones and mobile devices, millions of people love downloading and playing games. Games are fun no matter what age you are because there are thousands of games out there in various genres to suite your personality and attention span. With so many different games out there, you might have a hard time knowing which the most popular genres are and which games you should think about downloading on your device. We are going to tell you the top 5 most popular types of games that people are downloading on their mobile devices, which can help you figure out which games you should look at to download on your device.


Arcade games are very popular on mobile devices because they can be played in short sessions. This means that you can pick up and put down the game anytime you want, and it is great for when you only have a few minutes to play a mobile game. Some examples of arcade games that are very popular on mobile devices are Fruit Ninja, Escape, Paper Toss, Geometry Wars, and NBA Jam.


Action games require you to rely on your hand-eye coordination and these games are very popular among mobile players. These games often require more of a time investment from the player, and often tell a story from the beginning to the end of the game. Action games have come on a long way on mobile devices, and have better quality graphics and much more detail. The fighting and battles in action games now also are a lot better in terms of quality and overall game play design. Some great mobile action games include BadLand, Grand Theft Auto, and Into the Dead.


One of the most popular types of mobile games out there for mobile devices is slots and casino games. These are games where you can win real money just by playing various slot or casino games, and most of them offer various referral or signup bonuses just by downloading the game and creating free accounts. The biggest benefit of having slot and casino games on mobile, whether it is Android or iOS, is that there is a level of convenience there since you can play any game you want at any point in time. When you look at casino and slot games there is so much variety, but some of the best games include 12 Win Slots, All Slots Casino, and Lucky Slots.


When it comes to mobile games, puzzle games are by far one of the most played games out there. Younger children, teenagers, and adults have a lot of fun playing puzzle games due to how engrossing they are. Puzzle games often require you to think abstractly or think outside of the box, such as trying to find new ways to fit puzzle pieces together or solve a mystery.

The reason puzzle games are so popular is because they are brain teasers and require you to think before you make a move, and this keeps you entertained and wanting more. While they may not actually increase your mental capacity they are sure to be a great time either way! Some of the best puzzle games out there for iOS and Android include Candy Crush, Bejeweled, Just Clear All, Triple Town, and Monument Valley. Puzzle games are great because not only are you using your brain to think and solve a problem, but you are also learning how to brainstorm and build pictures in your mind of what you think the end result should be.


Simulation is also one of most well known types of mobile games out there for iOS and Android devices. In simulation games, you get to pretend like you are someone else and live their life. Whether this is flying airplanes, riding on roller coasters or pretending to be in the middle of some ancient civilization, simulation games are packed full of adventure and action.

Simulation games can be simulating a real event in nature or history or can be simulating a fantasy world, and the best part is that you get to choose how the game unfolds based on your actions. When you look at popular simulation games for iOS and Android, you have to include games like SimCity BuiltIt, Sims Free Play, Goat Simulator, Jurassic World: The Game, and Restaurant Tycoon. A lot of people enjoy simulation games because it allows you to experience things in life you might not otherwise get to, and the details in the games bring it all to life.

These are just the top five most popular types of games on mobile devices, although there are many more out there that you can try out if none of these seem appealing. Since these are the biggest types of games out there on mobile, there are many different styles available with many different apps to keep you busy no matter which type of game you prefer. There is literally everything available in each of these categories to keep you entertained and thinking for a long time, regardless of your interests or gender.