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Motion Stills App Updated with New AR Stickers Mode

Feb 10, 2018

The Motion Stills app has is getting a ton of updates on Android right now, with the new update bringing AR Stickers Mode. If you have not heard about Motion Stills before, it is a Google app that does both video editing and GIF editing.

AR Stickers are now part of this update, which is great news for many people. The feature is great if you wanted to bring some augmented reality features to your video and GIFs. Read on to learn more about the new Motion Stills update. We also will tell you what it will bring to your Android device.

Google Motion Stills App Brings AR Stickers to Supported Devices

If you are running Android 5.1 or higher, and also have a gyroscope, you will be able to use this new Google Motion Stills app update. The AR stickers are part of a new augmented reality feature, which used to be only available on Pixel 2 devices. With this new update, there are cool 3D models and surface tracking which is in augmented reality. You can record videos and various GIFs from within the Motion Stills app itself. You do not need ARCore for this app to work properly, which is good news for many Android users.

The tracking system used in this app is instant motion tracking. It comes from the same technology that enables motions to be blurred out in YouTube. This means you get an accurate tracking of moving objects and track static. The engineers from Google said that this type of technology was enhanced in order to bring the AR experience over to Motion Stills. So anyone with a gyroscope is now able to use the instant motion tracking feature.

Motion Stills App Now Features AR Stickers & Enhanced Technology

There is a six-degree tracking system used in Motion Stills, which also is used to power the Motion Text from within Motion Stills. That technology is allowing more people to use Motion Stills beyond the Pixel 2. AR Stickers ended up on Pixel 2 back in December 2017, so it is a good thing to see this new technology being used for other Android devices.

You will even get living advertisements with the new Stormtrooper and Porgs AR Stickers. When you look at ARKit, which is the Apple version of ARCore, it has implemented a new wall detection feature. For Android, the development of the wall detection is going to take more time to get right. The process of getting that feature in ARCore is going to be more complex.

Motion Stills App Still Lacks in Some Areas But It’s Promising

While the new AR Stickers are great, Google still has a way to go in order to catch up with Apple and the ARKit technologies. Google is hoping this is a good first step to bring the new technologies to people who have other Android devices. Keeping the AR Stickers to the Pixel 2 limited the amount of people who could experience this feature and the new technology.

So now, as long as you have a gyroscope and Android 5.1, you can get to experience the features for yourself. You can download the newest Motion Stills app right now. It should be available via Google Play Store if you have not downloaded Motion Stills yet. If you have downloaded the app already, the update should have already been received through an over-the-air update on your Android device. Tell us in the comments if you have tried out the new AR Stickers yet. Do you think these stickers bring your GIF and video editing to a new level?