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Moto Z Play Now Updating to Android 7.1.1

Jun 5, 2017

You probably have heard about the budget-friendly Android phones before. One of those phones you can get is the Moto Z Play, which is a Motorola phone. Another option is the Robin, which is a budget-friendly Android phone from Nextbit. Well, you might be excited to know that both the Moto Z Play and the Robin are updating to Android 7.1.1. These are some of most high-quality budget-friendly Android phones in the market, so continue on to read about the new Android update hitting both devices.

Moto Z Play & Nextbit Robin Upgrade to Android 7.1.1

The best news here is that both the Moto Z Play and the Nextbit Robin are now getting the Android 7.1.1 update. A lot of the budget-friendly Android smartphones do not get the Android updates, or if they do they only get a few and then it stops. The Android manufacturers though seem to be stepping up their game as more and more budget-friendly models are updating fairly regularly now.

It was about eight months ago when Android 7.1.1 was released on Google Play, and there are quite a few good changes about 7.1.1 over the initial Android Nougat 7 version. There are improvements to performance and some added stability in this update. The power efficiency has also been improved in Android 7.1.1.

When you look at which smartphones have upgraded to Android 7.1.1, there is only a small group that has updated to the latest Android operating system. In terms of cost, the Moto Z Play and the Robin are two of the most affordable on the market.

More About the Moto Z Play Update

In terms of the new update for the Moto Z Play, there is a security patch in this update as well. The security patch is for June 1 and it will bring a lot of improvements to stability. There is also now support for Duo, which is the video calling app from Google. This will be a system application in this update, and that is great news for those looking for a new video calling app to use.

The Moto Z Play update also allows you to get version 2.0 of Moto Mods. The Moto X Play will also be getting the exact update as Moto Z Play, except the Moto Mods is not in that update. Remember if you decide to upgrade your Moto Z Play to the new Android 7.1.1 system you cannot downgrade.

Once the update has been installed, there is no turning back, so make sure this is what you want to download before you begin. There are also a ton of bug fixes in this update, which should really help if you have been dealing with some glitches and bugs in the Moto Z Play.

If you would like to get this update, you should see the update rolling out now across all Moto Z Play Android devices. If you have the ability to install updates automatically, you should get a pop-up notification telling you that your system is ready for the upgrade. You also can choose to wait if you would prefer to see if anyone has any problems with the upgrade before you install it onto your device.

Either way you go, it is great news that the Moto Z Play has updated to the newest Android operating system because it means that users will find the use of the smartphone to be much smoother. We can only hope that the Moto Z Play continues to upgrade to the newer Android operating system just as quick in the future. Android O should be releasing pretty soon, so Moto Z Play might be getting another update in the fall or winter depending on when exactly Android O is released.

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