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Moto Z3 Play Smartphone Now Receiving Android Pie Update

Feb 12, 2019

The Moto Z3 Play is getting Android Pie this week, and we are super happy to report this news. You might have heard about the Moto Z3 Play before, as it is one of the most popular mid-range Android smartphones available from Motorola. The smartphone itself will cost you $500, which might seem like a lot, but you get a bundle deal from Motorola.

In the bundle deal, you will either get a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa or a Moto power back. For a mid-range Android phone, the Moto Z3 Play is a great deal, but one thing that was missing was Android Pie. We are happy to report that the Android Pie update is now rolling out. Keep reading to learn more about the Android Pie update and what you can expect with this upgrade.

Motorola Brings Android Pie to Moto Z3 Play Smartphone

You might remember when the Moto Z3 Play first launched, since it was only back in June 2018. The phone could be purchased for $500, which is about on par with other mid-range Android smartphones on the market. We have been patiently waiting for Motorola to finally update the Moto Z3 Play with Android Pie, and it looks like that is finally happening this week. The long-awaited update is finally beginning to roll out to those Moto Z3 Play smartphone owners.

If you live within the United States, you will notice that the Android Pie update for the Moto Z3 Play is already rolling out. We know that many other countries and regions will also soon see the Android Pie update. One important reminder is that you need to make sure your phone is charged up before you begin the Android Pie download and installation.

It is always best to have about 50 percent or higher battery life when you begin updates such as this one. Another good thing to do is make sure you are on a Wi-Fi network before you begin the process of installing or downloading Android Pie onto your Moto Z3 Play device.

Moto Z3 Play Finally Receives New Features in Android Pie Update

When it comes to what all you will get with Android Pie, there are a ton of new features and improvements. The first thing you will notice is that there is intuitive navigation as well as a Recent App feature. You will have a ton of new fun settings as well as a Do Not Disturb Mode. The split-screen option has been revamped too. Longer battery life is also something you will notice once you have upgraded to Android Pie.

Quick Settings has also received a redesign and the volume controls have been simplified. One-button navigation gestures are going to make life so much easier on Android Pie. Adaptive brightness will use machine learning to adjust to what you are doing on your smartphone. Much better screenshots are also a part of Android Pie thanks to the virtual screenshot shortcut and button.

You will also notice that the apps will run a lot smoother and load up a lot quicker as part of the new performance improvements. There are so many different and new features of Android Pie that we simply cannot list them all. Android Pie is definitely the best Android operating system to date, and we know that you will really enjoy the experience on your Moto Z3 Play.

How to Get Android Pie on Your Moto Z3 Play

If you would like to get the new Android Pie update on your Moto Z3 Play, it is very simple to do. You will just need to head over into the “Settings” and then click on “System.” From there you will see the “System Updates” option and that should get you to the new Android Pie update screen.

There is also another way to get the update, which is easier because you likely have received a notification message. Just click on that notification and it will give you the option to select “Download and Install.” If you click that, you will automatically begin downloading the new Android Pie update onto your device.

Once you have downloaded Android Pie onto your Moto Z3 Play device, we want to know what you think about it. What is your favorite new feature that has been added to Android Pie? Are you able to notice the performance improvements that were added into Android Pie? If you are hesitant to upgrade to Android Pie, also explain that in the comments below. Do you like the operating system you are using? Are you afraid that upgrading could harm your Moto Z3 Play or make you lose data? Tell us in the comments below what has enticed you to upgrade or has caused you to not want to upgrade.