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MoviePass iOS App Finally Removes Unused Location Requests

Mar 10, 2018

If you have the MoviePass iOS app, you might be happy to learn about the change that happened this week. You might have heard earlier this week about the comments the CEO of MoviePass, Mitch Lowe, revealed. He said that the app could track the location of people who use the app.

The company was quick to walk back the statements by the CEO, quickly coming out to say that that is not how it worked. Well, apparently, it was how it worked because the location requests have been removed. Read on to learn more about the change to MoviePass and what this new update means for those on iOS worried about security.

MoviePass Removes the Unused Location Requests from iOS App

Once the CEO came out and said the app was tracking the location of people using the app, it quickly became news. If you have not heard about MoviePass before, it is one of the most popular movie subscription services out there. That is why the news quickly spread about the location tracking.

No matter how quick the company was to come out and try to walk-back those statements, it seems people were not happy with that. In the new MoviePass iOS update, you will find those unused location requests have since been removed. The new update has removed those particular features. This hopefully should prevent the tracking of the location of people using the app.

MoviePass came out to say that the company wants to continue improving the experience for everyone using the app. This includes using various location-based services for marketing and similar reasons. According to the company, they are not selling any of the information or data they are collecting. MoviePass said that this information is being used for coupons to nearby restaurants and to offer you various discounts on other things like transportation.

MoviePass Unused Location Requests Stopped as Privacy Concerns Arise

The statement that MoviePass sent out trying to clarify what the CEO was saying, was basically centered on trying to get people to calm down about the information and data collection. There are many privacy-focused people who do not want their location tracked. The company said that this tracking was not happening yet.

That means there is the possibility of it in the future. Given the fact that this update removes the unused location feature, it would appear the company might not be telling the truth. If this was not something being used yet, then it would not be in the app at all. Even more concerning, it would not have just been removed from this iOS app if it did not exist.

The company also did not get into any details about what the removal of the unused location services meant. So we do not know what the unused location services are or how they worked. The company also did not get into details about what types of location tracking capabilities might have been in the app in the first place. Even though this has been removed in the new iOS update, it does not mean MoviePass has given up on the idea of the location-based tracking altogether.

The Future of Location Tracking for MoviePass iOS App

Since this app uses a subscription model, it is not making money through that avenue. That means the app has to make money other ways if it wants to be profitable and continue. Other ways the company could make money includes collecting and selling personal data information. Possibly ad revenue if you click on the coupons from deals near where you live.

The reputation of MoviePass did take a hit with this information coming out. The CEO seemed to be telling the truth about tracking and collecting this location information. Once the company realize it had stepped in it, then the back-tracking began. We should think at this point that almost every app is tracking your location, even if they do not tell you about it up front. Collecting location information and data is one of the best ways for these companies to make money.

This is just the latest example of how apps are collecting various information about you without telling you. We want to hear from you about this whole situation. Are you a fan of location-based tracking services? Are you more of a privacy-focused user who is worried about your location being tracked? Don’t you worry about tracking from one place to the next? Tell us in the comments how you feel about these apps that are tracking your location and do not tell you about it first.