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Mozilla Launches Firefox Lockbox on Android- A New Free Password Manager

Apr 3, 2019

If you use Firefox on Android then you might be interested in knowing that there is a new app available to manage all of your Firefox passwords. The new app developed by Mozilla is called Lockbox and this is a free password manager specifically designed to work with Firefox.

This is a simple app that works as a standalone app to allow you to quickly access your Firefox login credentials. If you are a user of Firefox on Android, you should keep reading to learn more about Lockbox and all of the benefits of this password manager app.

Lockbox Launches on Android as Standalone Firefox Password Manager

A free password manager specifically for Firefox has launched on Android and it’s called Lockbox. This is a standalone app that allows you to access all of your Firefox login credentials right on your Android device. You will be able to quickly access all of the credentials that are stored within your browser and it’s definitely still in the beginning stages as far as features go.

Lockbox is a standard but really simple password manager app. That means it’s not nearly as built-up as other password managers like LastPass and 1Password. There are also a lot of features that are still not available on Lockbox. Some of the missing features are those that you might want in a password manager app.

Lockbox so far does not have the ability to delete passwords, edit the passwords or add passwords. The app also cannot alert to data breaches where your passwords might be compromised. Another downside is that it will not be suggesting complex passwords for you to use like some of the other password manager apps can.

Lockbox is a Simple Solution if You Already Use Firefox as Your Browser

While Lockbox might not have a lot of features such as 1Password or LastPass, it’s completely free to download. It being free is a huge benefit for some people. If you already use Firefox as your browser, then you will like how this app is a simple solution. It might not do everything, but it will work for your basic needs. You are also able to enable this app as your Autofill service on your Android device. That’s something we find to be pretty useful. While this is a standalone app itself, we think of this app as more of a companion app more than anything else.

There are some things you can do in the app to enhance security, such as locking the app using your fingerprint or the facial recognition technology. Passwords in this app also are encrypted, which means Mozilla also cannot read the data. For people concerned about privacy and security, Lockbox is going to be useful.

All of your passwords will be synced securely from the Firefox browser itself to the app. Mozilla developed Lockbox out of the Test Flight Program, which is no longer really a program. For a while this program was useful in helping test out experimental features. Some experimental features ended up on Mozilla products, such as Firefox Send.

Firefox Lockbox Available Now to Those on Android

Most of the programs out of Test Flight are no longer getting new features, but occasional bug fixes and improvements are still being made. Mozilla has said it will be focusing more on solutions aimed at privacy first instead of focusing on utilities.

Lockbox was already available on iOS and as of this post, it was over 50,000 downloads on Apple’s App Store. We are elated that Lockbox has decided to drop on Android since more people use Android than iOS worldwide. You can find Lockbox right now on Google Play Store and it’s completely free to download.

In the comment section below, we want to know if you will be using Lockbox for your Firefox passwords on Android. Do you currently use a password manager on your iOS or Android device? What features do you think are most important for a password manager to have? Lockbox is pretty simple and lacks some important features, so does this make you more reluctant to download the app? Are you someone who prefers a more simple password manager? Tell us which password manager you currently use and what you like about it compared to this one.


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