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You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter Removed from Steam

Dec 11, 2017

Well, that did not take long for Steam to remove the “game” You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter. This was not really so much as a game as it was a way to get pornographic materials onto Steam. While you might not look at the images and think that You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter was porn, Valve has quickly concluded that this was indeed pornography. Valve considered You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter to be pornographic ASCII art. We have all of the details about this supposed game and what this means for Steam.

You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter Banned from Steam Due to Pornographic Content

The goal of this oddly-designed game is that it ventures into the pornography scene of the late 1990s. A young person is now entering into the online world of pornography for the first time. Access to both the adult content and pornography in general was much different back in the earlier Internet days. The graphics and ability to stream content were much more difficult to figure out.

The developer of the game, Seemingly Pointless, says that You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter is a horror game. Valve feels like this game is nothing more than a way to get pornographic content onto the gaming platform. That is why Valve decided to pull the game off of Steam after only a short run on the platform.

ASCII art is used in this game to represent the pornographic materials on the computer screen in the game. Some of the content is considered Not Safe for Work. There are ASCII filters used to blur out most of the actual images. While you can assume the acts that are going on, you really cannot see them. Since the role of the player in the game is a younger person, the game is focused on being anxious and curious. The feeling of being confused by this new Internet world of pornography is also there.

You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter Takes Horror Genre in Odd Direction

While the developer considered this game to be a horror game, it definitely is much different than horror games we have been accustomed to seeing on Steam. This is like for the first time seeing a forbidden website, as you might remember doing yourself back in the earlier Internet days. There are pop-ups on the screen that make noises you might identify as pornographic. Images are not titillating, but are more blurry, and it is definitely not a sexy type of game. Even though the content is blurry, Valve believed that there was enough to consider You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter as pornography.

The game has been on Steam for about two months. With this game, you are put into an uncomfortable position as the young player. The developer behind this game, James Cox, was not happy with Valve banning this game as pornography. He used the example of Saints Row as why certain types of content seem to get a pass. He claims that games like that are much worse in terms of graphic content. The creators believe that this is a non-violent horror game. It is supposed to get people thinking and interacting in an environment that they just might not feel comfortable with. For some out there, this game has more of a nostalgic feel and is not sexy to them in any way.

The nostalgia comes from when we all were younger and learning the ways of the Internet. The older graphics from the 1990s that were used on computers also make this more of a nostalgic game and less of a game of sexual content. No matter what we might believe though, Valve was not having any of it. You will no longer be able to check out You Must be 18 Or Older to Enter on Steam. We expect more games will be pulled from Steam as Valve appears to be cracking down on this pornographic content to make it more of a kid-friendly platform.