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MyShake app Turns your Android Smartphones into Earthquake Alert Tool

Feb 15, 2016

MyShake app Turns your Android Smartphones into Earthquake Alert Tool: Recently, the researchers have managed to make an app that takes initiative to help people in case of natural disasters like earthquake. The app helps your smart phone camouflage into a worldwide network to connect people during earthquake. It warns the people in the nearby locations of the tremors and jolts that the place is a victim of during earth quakes.


The smart phone’s accelerator helps the phone detect the tremors. The app has a motion detectors that records the shaking movements during earthquake. The app named MyShake created the ability for the phone to do the needful.

The app can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. The app has to run in the background. Battery consumption is not much of an issue because the app runs on really low power. The app needs to be always on in the background so that the accelerometer of the smart phone can detect and start working at any time of the day, whether it is at night or in broad daylight.

At first, the app collects all the necessary information about movements from the accelerometer and then verifies and analyses them and then if the movements and shakes matches with the ones that are already present as the vibrational profile of the quake. If they match, then the smart phone relays it. Then using the GPS settings of the phone, the data is coordinated with a Laboratory in the University of California where they analyze the quakes.

This is only effective if many people are using this app since it is necessary for receiving signals. Having received the data, they will be warning the people who are around the place about the quake up to several miles.

The MyShake app can warn people and work faster and more accurate than the other traditional networks. They also help people with warnings that may perhaps save numerous lives. This may be very effective since there are several people who use smart phones and can be beneficial for people residing in earthquake prone areas.

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