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Nest Update Includes Instaclips & Android TV Support

Nov 19, 2016

When it comes to camera systems you can get to monitor your home while you are away, Nest has always been one of the most trusted companies. Nest recently added an update to the Nest Android app, and with this update comes integration with Android TV plus much more.

Nest Android App Update Includes Android TV Support & Instaclips

Before we tell you about the Android TV support, we thought we would tell you about another important feature in the Nest Android update. As always, the Nest Android app is available for free from the Google Play Store.

You now will be able to save and share video clips. This new feature works in two different ways. The first being you can create Instaclips. You will also be able to click and hold the Nest Icon and this will allow you to make custom clips. You can choose both a start time and end time for your custom clips. Then, you can either share with contacts or just save it to your device.


The Android TV integration is the second major new feature with the Nest Android update. You now will be able to see all of your video feeds right on your TV without needing to use your Android phone.

Another part of the update is that you can view all of your video feeds in fullscreen mode, and you will not need to rotate your device. To get this you just need to click on the down arrow. Along with that comes the ability to change your notifications right from the Home settings menu.