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Netflix Discontinues AirPlay Support on iOS App

Apr 9, 2019

Some bad news coming out this week as it was announced Netflix will no longer support AirPlay on the iOS app. There apparently are some technical limitations here that are preventing Netflix from continuing support for AirPlay.

A lot of people have used AirPlay on the iOS app in order to play Netflix on their televisions. This is news that is just being released, and we know some of the details we wanted to share with you. If you are just now hearing about AirPlay no longer being supported on the iOS app, continue reading to learn more details.

AirPlay No Longer Supported on Netflix iOS App

If you use the Netflix iOS app, you should know that AirPlay is no longer being supported on the iOS app. This means that if you use AirPlay on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it will no longer work with the Netflix app. There are technical limitations that are preventing Netflix from continuing the support, which is definitely disappointing. The feature has been a part of Netflix and other apps since 2013, and it worked fine until this past week.

There have been many reports over the past several days from people who have been trying to use AirPlay with the Netflix app. An error message pops up when you try to use AirPlay, and it simply is not working regardless of what you do.

Now we know after hearing about these error messages, that this is a permanent error. At first we thought maybe it was a glitch or some bug, which would get fixed. It is definitely bad news that we will not be seeing AirPlay anymore on Netflix. The feature still works on other apps and you can get to that by using th Control Center on your iOS device.

Netflix Responds After AirPlay Error Messages Pour In

After receiving multiple reports about this error, Netflix finally responded and made a statement about the AirPlay error message. The company said that the issue is with AirPlay support on third-party devices now being available. Netflix went onto say that there is no longer an ability to distinguish between the support on third-party devices and the support on iOS. Another interesting part here is that the Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, also downplayed being a part of Apple TV.

Netflix has no plans to become a player in the Apple TV world and doesn’t want to offer the streaming service in alternate ways. The company wants you to watch Netflix shows using Netflix services, thus making the Apple TV deal a no-go. Netflix has not wanted to be part of the Apple TV app and has no plans in the future to be a part of it either. Going even further, in December, Netflix stopped allowing people to signup for Netflix using the iOS app.

AirPlay Support Ends for Good on Netflix iOS App

The really bad part here is that there will be no plans for AirPlay to come back in the future. Netflix said that since third-party devices now have the same support, it’s no longer able to tell the difference between the devices. This was not something many people thought about before this announcement.

This includes which devices are an Apple TV or other device, and that is why it is no longer supported. Since third-party devices now have this support, we will not see this feature come back to Netflix ever. The company did say that you will be able to continue to use the Netflix app itself on other devices, such as your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of the AirPlay news coming from Netflix. Do you think Netflix is playing hardball not wanting to be a part of Apple or Apple TV? Is Netflix getting too big and too cocky with the new price hike and now this? Do you think other streaming services are better than Netflix? If you have recently canceled your Netflix subscription, we want to know what was it that lead you to this decision. Do you think that Netflix will end up hurting itself with decisions like removing AirPlay support?