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New AI Powered iOS App Helps You Learn Chinese

Nov 28, 2017

Microsoft just came out with an AI powered iOS app called Microsoft Learn Chinese. Just like the app is named, it will help you learn Chinese. When it comes to language-learning apps, there are a lot of them out there. Duolingo and MIT already have language-learning apps out for people. Microsoft seems to be getting some skin in the game now with the new AI powered app that can help you communicate in Chinese right from your smartphone.

AI Powered iOS App Allows You to Learn Chinese

While Microsoft has put out this AI powered app to help you learn a new language, it is important to note that other languages are not supported. Right now, the Microsoft Learn Chinese app is just to help you learn Chinese. The company said that there are no plans to make other languages available. This is a free iOS app which is completely powered by AI, which is artificial intelligence. Microsoft has really been focusing on the AI powered apps now for a while, with the latest app focusing on learning a new language.

Practicing the Chinese language might get a lot easier with this Microsoft AI powered iOS app, since this app uses natural language processing technologies. If you are trying to have a conversation with someone in Chinese, this app will definitely come in handy. Microsoft said that it is hard to be able to communicate with someone if you have not practiced their language before. That is the main goal of this app, which is to help you practice Chinese so you can have a real conversation with another person.

Microsoft Learn Chinese AI Powered App Will Allow For Communicating in Chinese

There are many different AI tools that this free app from Microsoft uses in order to help you learn and practice Chinese. You will be able to say the words and the app will then evaluate how you pronounced the words. This app uses AI that has been trained up by real Chinese speakers.

This means that you will be learning the words in the native Chinese language. Microsoft also used the text-to-speech technologies that the company has put out for this app as well. You will see highlighted words, which are the words you need to keep practicing. The app will also score you on your ability to speak the Chinese language. This allows you to see your progress as you begin using the app and practicing the Chinese language.

AI Powered Microsoft Learn Chinese App Available Now

Even better is that Microsoft Learn Chinese will be different for those who are beginners of the Chinese language and those who have some knowledge of the language. The systems are different so that you will be able to begin learning Chinese regardless of whether you have a little background on the language or not. You will be able to continue to move up into harder words and get into more complex words and sentences as you go through the app.

This is an app that will work with you in terms of helping you learn the Chinese language. The neural networks are what the app uses to figure out what you are trying to say in Chinese, and then will tell you how wrong or right you are in your pronunciation. This is definitely an app that you might want to check out if you have a business that sometimes is in contact with people in China or who are native Chinese speakers. You can get Microsoft Learn Chinese right now through Apple’s App Store, and begin learning Chinese immediately.