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New Apps Help Users Cut Lines at Restaurants

Sep 23, 2015

Sometimes the line at restaurants can be unbearable because everyone is in a rush to get to their destination and people can get trapped in lines for hours just waiting for their food. Well popular restaurants, cafes, and other food places are catching on to this annoying problem because they are all starting to create apps to make the customer’s experience the best it possibly can be. Many restaurants are starting to create their own personal apps to make the customer’s visit easy, concise, and quick at any location using their applications. The reason behind this is that restaurants know there is a huge crowd of tech savy people out there glued to their phones all day so this will attract their attention and make ordering food as simple as the push of a button. 

The Starbucks App

Starbucks App

One of the most well known food apps already out there is for the world famous coffee place Starbucks. Starbucks created their app so that people can put their gift cards on the app as a balance and so that people can earn points to earn drinks and other items from Starbucks. Incentives like these attracted many customers because it made buying coffee way easier and from personal experience I know a few people who love buying their drinks because it gets them that much closer to their next free drink. As time went on they even made things more convinient for their customers by allowing them to link their card to pay for orders and for fun they added free songs and applications users can download with the Pick of the Week. Starbucks is also planning to create a mobile order feature so that users can create their own specific beverage and then simply just choose a location to pick it up quick and easy. This is the most popular application out there for food as shown by the fact that it is one of the most downloaded apps in the app store but there are other applications out there trying to also attract users through a fun and easy application.

The New McDonalds App

What better company to try and create an application for their customers than the world famous McDonalds? This was a smart move on McDonalds part considering the fact that the restaurant serves food to most of the world and sells about one thousand items every second. This October McDonalds is planning on nationally launching the app that will have coupons for customers who download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. If all goes well McDonalds might possibly add more features considering the store is always crowded with hungry customers and recently there have been technological improvements to the restaurant ( I recently went to a McDonalds where there were IPads in the walls for customers to play with).

Are these new apps even worth the download?

Starbucks App #2

Some may be skeptical about downloading these apps because they may seem like things that people would not bother to download but the statistics show different results. According to a food base service called Technomic, over 28% of adults and over 40% of tech users had downloaded a restaurant app within a three month period during 2014. As more of these restuanrant applications are created there will be competition and the ones that succeed will be the apps that make ordering fun and simple. The best part about these new apps is that it solves the problem with miscommunication. We have all had a time where we ordered something from a restaurant and they gave us the wrong thing and this cause much frustration having to go back in line and then having them solve the problem. With these new apps that allow people to order food this problem is completely solved because customers can choose specifically what they want getting rid of the possibility of error.

The real question though is if these apps are really going to be resourceful for everyone. For some who go frequently it will but companies will have to add rewards and other incentives to attract others who do not go as often to give up some space on their device to download the applications.


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