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New Audio Picker Feature & More Comes to WhatsApp Android

Apr 11, 2019

WhatsApp is adding a new audio picker feature on Android and this is great news for those using this popular messaging app. As you probably know by now, WhatsApp is always updating both the iOS app and Android app and continues to add new features and functions. We told you a couple weeks ago about the new Forwarding Info feature that WhatsApp was going to be adding to the app.

This feature is rolling out right now and there are already new updates coming down for Android. The newest update will add a new audio picker feature and also add some other nifty tools for Android users. We wanted to bring you up to speed on all of the latest changes and additions hitting the WhatsApp Android app this week.

WhatsApp for Android Adding New Audio Picker Feature in Latest Update

The first new addition to WhatsApp for Android that we wanted to talk about is the new audio picker feature. This new feature will give you the ability to pick many different audio files at one time. You will notice that the user interface for the audio picker feature is going to change. Once the interface changes, you will no longer have to pick just one audio file. We love the addition of the ability to add or pick more than one audio file at the same time.

Beyond the ability to pick more than one audio file, you will now also have the option to preview the audio. If you want to check out the audio before you send the file to someone, the newest update gives you that ability. You can preview one audio file or all of them, so this is definitely a great and useful addition in the audio picker functionality. We have been waiting for the option to preview the audio files before they were sent to family and friends and we finally are getting this much-needed feature!

New Audio Picker Features & Modified Frequently Forwarded Messages Feature Hits WhatsApp Android

There is also going to be a new modified version of one of the new features we told you about a couple weeks ago. WhatsApp is going to modify the Frequently Forwarded Messages feature to be more useful in groups. The new feature to the group would allow the group administrators to determine whether or not they want frequently forwarded messages shared in the group chat. Only the group administrators will have this option and you will find this option within the Group Settings.

With the new feature, if a message has been shared more than five times, you can stop it from becoming a message in the group chat. This could come in very handy for the group administrators that want to have more control in terms of information that gets shared within the group itself.

We love this modification of the Frequently Forwarded Messages feature because sometimes you don’t want to see a shared message that seems more like spam than anything else. The group administrators can enable or disable this modification anytime they want.

How to Get New Audio Picker Feature on WhatsApp Android

The newest update is available right now if you are part of the WhatsApp Beta on Android. In order to get the newest features, you must have the WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.89. Even though we have found the latest features as part of the beta program, we know that these new features will be rolling out to the stable version of the app very soon.

If you don’t see the features yet on the stable version, don’t worry because we know that it takes a week or so before everyone begins to see the update roll out to their device. You can always sign up to be part of the WhatsApp Beta program on Android and that will get you new features such as the audio picker addition before anyone else gets it.

In the comments below, we want to hear from you on whether you think these additions and changes are going to be helpful on WhatsApp. Do you like that you can now pick more than one audio file to send at a time to friends and family? Is the option to preview those files something that you will use or do you just send audio without needing to listen to it first? Are the modifications to the Frequently Forwarded Messages something that you will use in your group chat? Tell us your opinions on these changes below and tell us whether or not you are part of the WhatsApp Beta for Android.