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New Balance Releasing Android Wear Watch

Jan 5, 2017

In some interesting news, we have learned that New Balance, a fitness company, is on track to release a fitness watch. This fitness watch would be an Android Wear watch, the first one of its kind for the company. The New Balance Android Wear watch will be called the RunIQ.

New Balance Releasing Android Wear Watch Next Month

The fitness company that is known for high-quality products, New Balance, is set to release an Android Wear watch next month. This watch, dubbed RunIQ, will be a running-focused smartwatch which has various software and hardware attached to it. For the hardware, New Balance has partnered up with Intel, with the run tracking coming from company Strava. The software of the RunIQ is partnered with Google, which makes this an Android-based smartwatch.

When it comes to the RunIQ, the smartwatch has a heart rate monitor that will be used to track your runs. This Android-based smartwatch is also waterproof, but only up to 5ATM of pressure. The smartwatch should get around five hours of battery life according to New Balance. RunIQ also uses GPS actively, which is where the five hours comes from. If you are using the smartwatch on typical use, then you can get up to 24 hours of battery life. The RunIQ will be coming with 512MB of RAM as well as 4GB of storage. There is an upcoming 2.0 version of Android Wear coming out soon, but it is not known yet whether or not the RunIQ will use the new 2.0 version of Android Wear or not.

There is a cool feature with this New Balance smartwatch which is that Google Play Music can be synchronized with it, which makes since because of the watch being Android Wear. This means you will not need a separate device to listen to your music while you run, and that is always a good thing. You will notice that there is also a gyroscope and accelerometer on this device as well. There is a 39mm AMOLED screen with this device, so you will notice the screen is nice and bright. You will have the New Balance line of social networking online you can use with this smartwatch too. This will allow you to share your work outs and also compete with your friends or compete with others in the New Balance Global Run Club. So not only will you have Android Wear on this device, you will also have the specific New Balance online social networking. That is pretty cool because staying connected and getting support from other people is a very good approach when it comes to staying on track in terms of your running goals and fitness goals.

In terms of this smartwatch, you will also find that this Android Wear device will translate into real-world relationships and friendships. There is going to be a real-life New Balance Run Club meetup, which will happen within the New Balance stores. So you will not only be connected through the New Balance online social networking, but you can find support and organized runs in the real-world with the real meetups. You can both take classes if you are a member or become part of the organized runs in these real-world New Balance meetings, and that is really cool.

Among all of the details of this smartwatch, we also want to tell you that there will be PaceIQ earbuds that go along with this product. This is basically Bluetooth headphones that are fitness-focused and the sports earbuds will easily pair with the RunIQ. You will find that there is a “Sports Button” as well, which will allow you to provide RunIQ with exercise feedback so that New Balance can keep updating and improving their product based on customer needs.

If you are interested in this product, the RunIQ is available for preorder right now for $299.99. The PaceIQ earbuds are going to be available for $109.99, which is a little pricey but still fairly affordable. These are both products that are branded by New Balance, and both products will begin shipping out on February 1, 2017. As we stated, this product might come with Android Wear 1.0 instead of the new 2.0 version which will be out soon. You can bet though, if the version is 1.0, that it will get an update to Android Wear as soon as the 2.0 version is released. One of the biggest positive aspects about this watch is that it has Google Play Music integration, so make sure you have your Google account setup with all of your music so you can sync your tunes to the watch before you go out on your run.