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New ChaiOS Bug Causing iOS Devices to Crash

Jan 18, 2018

There is a new bug impacting iOS devices called chaiOS, which is causing both iOS and macOS devices to freeze. We have told you before about various texts and links within Messages that have caused devices to freeze or crash. This new chaiOS bug is also impacting Messages, and it will cause various issues with your iOS or macOS device. Read on to learn more about chaiOS and how this new Messages bug is impacting people.

The chaiOS iOS Bug Affects Messages- Causing Device Crashes

The biggest thing with the new chaiOS bug is that it is crashing the Messages app on both iOS devices and macOS devices. This might seem like a simple GitHub link, but in reality, it is a link that is causing many devices to crash or freeze. Some of the issues happening is that resprings are occurring, as well as devices just freezing or crashing. The old battery issue also makes a comeback with the chaiOS bug, but this bug is not impacting everyone. While a lot of these text bugs impact only the recipient of the message, this bug can impact both the recipient and the sender.

Sometimes you will send the link that is causing the chaiOS bug issue, and your device will respring. Other times, the Messages app will crash and freeze up. Trying to reenter the Messages app will also lead to another crash. It is a vicious cycle that only ends if you delete the Messages thread and begin over again. As long as that text link is within your Messages app, you will have respring or crashing issues. This goes for both the sender and the receiver of the tainted message. We are not really sure what is causing this major problem. It does track back to that effective power bug, which happened to iOS devices a few years back.

New chaiOS Bug Causing Host of Issues on iOS & macOS

If you are impacted by the chaiOS bug, you might have more issues than just the Messages app crashing or the battery issue coming back. This new bug can also cause Safari itself to crash on iOS. Safari also has issues on macOS with this bug, and you might just see the spinning beach ball and it never get anywhere. Both on macOS and iOS, the Messages app also just might be lagging hardcore with this issue too. For most people, this is not a horrible or harmful issue, it is simply a bug that will inconvenience you. Apple often times will not even be quick to fix these types of problems since it poses no real danger.

When it comes to the chaiOS bug along with similar bugs, a lot of people will use them to prank their friends and family. That is because they will deliberately send the message out knowing it will cause the recipient’s device to freeze or crash. This bug can impact both the sender and receiver. That means people might not be as quick to use this bug as a prank. We do think it will happen to some people for sure. It is more of a pain and annoyance than anything else, but if you want to grab the link, you can find it online.

We did not post the link here on our website because it will cause most devices to crash, and we do not want that to happen to you. It is out there though, if you want to find it and prank your friends. Tell us in the comments if you have been impacted by the chaiOS bug. Have you been pranked or pranked someone else with this bug? Did you happen to get sent the message from someone who you do not know? Tell us what you think about this and if you think Apple should be quicker to fix these types of problems.