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New concept: Apple’s 3D Touch with unique features

Mar 1, 2016

Apple’s 3D Touch with unique features: Everyone spends time thinking about how to upgrade and imagine better and enhances versions of their favorite gadgets. That’s what an ardent fan does. Recently, Sam Beckitt who is a designer from Britain, has uploaded a video which provides information about the three dimensional touch that the giant tech company Apple implements. This is perhaps going to be a grand change in the iOS industry. The feature is truly stunning which uses pressure difference of the touch that initiates a trigger which in turn performs action.Apple’s 3D Touch

New concept: Apple’s 3D Touch with unique features

This feature can actually be very beneficial. For instance, if you press on the Wi Fi button for a very long time then you will be provided with several wireless networks which are available. You can also rearrange any icon by pressing it for a long time.

Although these features are not that fascinating provided Apple products are already a package of stunning features, but still this is very efficient and will go a long way. Though no revolutionary but certainly effective. This feature will to some extent, make the control centre of Apple a lot more functional than before.

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Apple will certainly wait for all the feedback that it receives from this feature. They always take the feedbacks very seriously and is well known for being a closed system. Most probably we might get acquainted with these features in the upgraded operating system that is the iOS 10 which will be out soon with the next gadgets. This feature will surely be a grand welcome for all the Apple users.

Apple hence brings out a total new feature. The 3 D touch brings with itself several other features. Watch the video depicting this feature over the internet to have a clearer picture of this feature. It almost super charges the controlling centre of Apple products and makes it livelier.

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Whether the next Apple gadgets will come with this feature or not is still not known. Perhaps yet perhaps no. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Have a look at the feature today.