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New CSS Attack Causes iPhones to Restart

Sep 20, 2018

A CSS attack has been found by security researchers that is causing iOS devices to panic and restart. We have told you before about various links that have caused your iOS device to restart over the past couple years. It is becoming a more popular way to attack iOS devices, but this newest attack is a little different. The new attack uses simple CSS and HTML code to cause your device to restart. We have all of the latest details about the CSS attack and what it really could end up doing to your iOS device.

CSS Attack on iOS Causing iPhones to Reboot

The researchers have found that this newest attack on iOS uses simple coding from HTML and CSS. The CSS attack basically will put your device in full on kernel panic. When this happens, that simple snippet of code will cause the iOS device to reboot. This is more than just a Springboard crash, and it is impacting many different iOS devices. In fact, the new CSS attack is able to impact devices as far back as iOS 7.

It was back in iOS 7 that iOS devices could begin reading and interpreting background-filter effects. The new CSS attack relies on the ability to interpret a background-filter effect in order to work and cause the kernel panic. With this particular CSS attack, the blur effect comes into play and is applied to the div elements. There are also parts of the code that are HTML, which also use div elements. Between the HTML and the CSS, you have an entire snippet of coding that can be interpreted using that background-filter effect.

CSS Attack on iOS Requires You Visit a Web Page

One thing that sets this CSS attack apart from other similar attacks is that this is not an attack that happens with iMessages or chain-mail. With this attack, you have to visit a web page in order for the CSS attack to work. Once you visit the web page that has the coding, the system will kernel panic, and that is when the device will crash and reboot.

We are not going to give you the link to web site that you need to visit in order to crash your iOS device. The links are everywhere online, so they are pretty easy to find. Both iOS 11 and iOS 12 are impacted by the CSS attack and the coding, and also some desktop browsers also can be crashed by going to the site. There likely is a way that the CSS attack coding could be used in an HTML email, so you could end up possibly getting the bad coding through email.

CSS Attack on iOS Hopefully Brings New Fix from Apple

Hopefully, Apple will release a fix for this and also WebKit. While this attack is likely to take down many people overall, it is still something that should not be possible on iOS. We are looking for Apple to release a fix for this issue within the coming weeks. Apple usually is good at getting out patches when things like this are found, although sometimes it takes some time. With iOS 12 being released this week, we are not sure that the attack coding is going to be a priority right now.

The best thing that you can do to prevent the CSS attack on your device is to not visit the website associated with the coding. You should not visit the site on your iOS device or your computer, which ensures no device is crashing and rebooting because of the coding. Another good thing to do is never open messages or emails from people you do not know.

Doing so could potentially end up causing your device to crash if coding like this one are put into the text. In the comments below, we want to know what you think of the new type of attack. Do you think attacks like this one can cause severe real-world issues? Are you someone who thinks that issues like this are going to happen and there is not much anyone can really do about it? Tell us in the comments below what you think of the new attack coding.