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New Datally App Helps You Manage Android Data Usage

Nov 30, 2017

A new app from Google called Datally is being released on Google Play Store. This specific app is designed to help you manage your data usage. A lot of people have no idea which apps are using the data on your Android device. The good news is that now there is an app that will help you figure it out. Google is really helping out people on Android devices with this app since it shows you the apps using up your data. Read on to learn more about the new Datally app and how it can help you.

Datally Android App Gives You App Data Usage Details

One of the biggest things when it comes to mobile devices that people complain about is the lack of information regarding apps using data. Google is hoping to change this for those on Android by coming out with the free Datally app. This is a very simple app that will allow you to manage your data usage by seeing which apps are using up the most of your data. You will be able to see what times of the day the data usage is the highest as well as which apps are using the most data. With Datally, you will be able to see tips and recommendations on how you can cut down on your data. If there is a Wi-Fi network nearby, the app will also alert you and suggest that you connect to it.

Even better, is that with Datally, you will be able to stop all of the data usage in the background. This means that the only app that will be using your mobile data will be the active app on your screen. You will see the big button which is at the top of the Datally app. That is where you need to click to stop background data usage.

There is also a pop-up that will alert you on how much data the app you are currently using is taking up. You also can go in and manually stop the background apps on an app-by-app basis. This would be useful if you do not want to stop all of the apps from running. You might need a couple of the background apps still turned on.

Datally App Allows for More Customization

One thing that the Datally app does is allow you the ability to customize your device even more. These types of standalone apps are something Google has been working on for a while. It not only helps with customization, but it also makes certain Android features easier to get to.

Some of the features these standalone apps are putting out there are hidden within the Settings menu. Most people on Android do not even go into the Settings regularly enough to know what all features Android has built into the system. It makes it much easier for those that are less tech-savvy to figure out if the features are brought out through a standalone app, such as Datally.

Datally does not take up a lot of room on your device either, with it only needing 6MB. That is a good thing for people in other countries where mobile connections are limited. Also, the lower-end Android devices often do not come with much room in the first place. That is why an app like Datally, which takes up little room, could end up being a life-saver for some people. The app was made possible thanks to the Next Billion Users program that Google is running. This program is focused on getting the various Google products, such as Android smartphones, in the hands of people in third-world countries.

If you do not care about how much data you are using, then you might not need Datally. For people with limited data plans or connections, this app is going to help tremendously. The fact that this app can stop all of the background programs from running might make it worthwhile. This includes even those with unlimited data. That is because the apps running in the background can easily and quickly drain your battery. If you are concerned about either battery life or data usage, then Datally will be especially useful. You can download this app right now from Google Play Store.