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New Emojis Coming in iOS 11.1 Update

Oct 7, 2017

Apple has decided to show off some of the new emojis that will be coming in the iOS 11.1 update. This update is not going to be released quite yet, but the beta will begin next week. In the new update, we are going to be seeing a ton of new emojis from Apple. These emojis are all adaptations of those from Unicode 10.

If you remember, Unicode 10 brought over 56 new emojis. We have all of the latest details about which new emojis we will be seeing in the iOS 11.1 update. Read on to learn about what you might expect to find once iOS 11.1 is released.

Apple Teases iOS 11.1 Emojis

Since Apple has decided to tease which emojis will be coming out with iOS 11.1, we thought we would give you a small rundown. One thing you will notice with the new emojis is that there are many that are now “genderless” since that seems to be what people have been asking for. These genderless emojis can be made to have different skin tones. Another interesting thing about the genderless emojis is that they are there for all types of ages, including young genderless emojis.

Beyond the new genderless emojis, there are a ton of new clothing emojis as well. Some of the new clothing items include a trench coat, gloves, hat, and a scarf. There are several new food choices too in the iOS 11.1 emojis. The food icons include a takeout container, broccoli, pie, and dim sum. We also see a lot of new creatures that are mythical in the new emoji update. These creatures include a vampire, wizard, mermaid, and a fairy. World Emoji Day is on July 17, and there will be even more emojis coming during World Emoji Day 2018.

Cool iOS 11.1 Emojis To Get Excited About

Perhaps the best iOS 11.1 emoji to be coming out is the emoji “I Love You” in sign language. Apple is using the American Sign Language “I Love You” hand signal. This has been an emoji that many activists have been asking for and it looks like it is finally arrived.

Animal emojis also are coming in this update, which include the hedgehog, giraffe, zebra, and grasshopper. Out of all of the emojis that will be coming with iOS 11.1, we are definitely most excited for the American Sign Language sign for “I Love You” because this is something that everyone should be able to get behind.

While we do not know the official release date for iOS 11.1, we can tell you the beta releases are coming. We should be seeing both the public beta and the developer beta for iOS 11.1 being released sometime this week. The update itself might not be released for a few weeks to a month or longer from now. Since Apple has been teasing the new emojis that will be coming, we expect the update to hit sooner than later.

We will have to keep you informed on any more information we get about iOS 11.1, but stay tuned for the beta releases. It might be worth actually downloading the beta releases for iOS 11.1 just for the new emojis alone.