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New Interface & More Rolling Out for Hulu Android TV App

Aug 2, 2019

The Hulu Android TV app is being updated and the update should be rolling out right now. Included in the new update is a brand new interface, which makes the app look a lot sharper and more organized. There are also other new additions that can be found in the Hulu Android TV app update, and we wanted to tell you all about it. Keep reading to learn more about the new update and all changes found with this new release.

Hulu Android TV App Receives New Interface in Update

The Hulu Android TV app is getting an update this week, which is slowly beginning to roll out to users. The biggest change you will notice in this update is that there’s a new interface. Some people haven’t seen the update yet, which is normal. Hulu itself did say this update would roll out in the early days of August, which means it might take a week or two for you to see the update.

The new interface is the biggest change and this is an interface that you might notice available on other Hulu platforms. Hulu released a new interface earlier in the year and this interface coming to Android TV is exactly like that earlier in the year release.

The changes will come to many different Android TV devices, such as the Xiaomi Mi Box, NVIDIA Shield, Hisense Android TV, and the Sony Android TVs. That’s not the only change you will notice with the Android TV app though, and we wanted to tell you about more changes below.

Hulu Android TV App Also Adds Live TV Capabilities

One of the other major additions to the Hulu Android TV app is that you will now have live television capabilities. This is a feature that many other platforms added back in 2017, so it’s nice to see Hulu finally step it up and add this feature. This live television capability will allow you access live television regardless of which Android TV you own.

We are also assuming that this update will also give you some new features found on Android TV in general, which includs homescreen channels. While Hulu didn’t mention anything beyond Live TV and the new interface, hopefully the newer features added to Android TV will be a part of that. One thing we are missing from all of this news is 4K support. It likely isn’t going to be found in this new update, but hopefully in a future update we will see the 4K support added to the Hulu Android TV app.

How to Get Hulu Android TV Update Right Now

As mentioned above, the update is slated to begin rolling out this week, although it might take a couple weeks for you to see the update on your Android TV. If you want to get the update right now, then you can go to the Google Play Store right now. The newest Hulu Android TV app update is live on Google Play, so it’s easy to just manually download the update instead of waiting around for the over-the-air update.

After you have downloaded the new update and tried it out, we want to know what you think about the new user interface. Do you think the new user interface looks cleaner and more organized than before? Are you excited that Hulu for Android TV finally is bringing live television to the app?

Most other services have had live television for years now, so are you going to switch to Hulu for your live television needs? What else are you hoping comes to the Hulu Android TV app in the future? Are you one of the ones waiting on 4K support or do you not care about that? Let us know what you think about it all in the comment section below.