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New iOS App Klink is Changing The Way Users Take Pictures

Oct 5, 2015

If you are like most people, you probably have uploaded hundreds or thousands of photos to social media, including uploading to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram every time something good around you happens. While just being on the social networking sites and sharing what is going on is fun, none of these websites have ever offered to pay you money for your pictures, and the only gratification you get is when you see a bunch of “Likes” or “Retweets” of your photos.


Now there is an app out, called Klink, and this app is a social networking platform plus a website that offers to pay you for your most viewed pictures. Klink is currently in open beta on Android but it is already out for free in the Apple App Store. Klink makes some of its money buy native advertising and banner advertising within the app, as well as interstitial video. You also can purchase items via in-app purchases through the app, which is also how Klink makes money.

If you have not heard about Klink before, that is because it is still pretty new on the iOS marketplace, although there will be more people signing up for the app since it has just been released, and once the Android version gets out then more people will likely sign up for that as well.


As already stated, this app is free and already out on iOS, and that was after a three month beta period, so Android should be out within a couple months after the beta wraps up there. Although you are not going to get too rich using Klink and putting up your pictures, you can make some pretty good side money using Klink, especially if you are just wanting a few extra dollars you can throw towards a new electronic device or put into a savings account.

If you want some details about how Klink works, you are allowed to publish full-screen photos and videos, but the videos have to be under 20 seconds in order to be allowed on the app. You either can get your pictures and videos from the built-in camera on the app or you can use your own personal camera roll to get your pictures. Every 1,000 views that your pictures or videos get, you get $2.00, and it will only count unique views. You are also allowed to share your Klink photos and videos with other social media websites which can boost your views and payment, and also you can share with other Klink users.

It can be a little confusing at first when you open the app, as you have to give a username, your first name, last name, and a birth date. You are then asked to turn on notifications, although you do not have to, and then you have to allow Klink access to both your camera and your photos that are on your device. The hardest part is figuring out how to upload the photos from your camera roll, but once you do it a few times you will realize that it is pretty easy to do. You will notice that it has a simple follower and following interface too, like Twitter and Facebook.

You can actually buy a “Featured” section within the app for $.99, which allows you to get your photos and videos seen by more people. If you have a high number of page views then you get a “Creators” tab on teh home screen, and this lets you and other people know you are one of the top influencers so to speak. You can switch back between the live capture footage and the gallery using the video camera within the Klink app, and this lets you create various montages, and you also can post in reverse or slow motion.

There is an intelligent graph API and many computer vision processes that help you find the images you want to look for through regular search terms as opposed to using hashtags to find images like you would on Instagram or Twitter.

Klink is designated as a social network first and foremost, but this app does allow you to have the ability to earn money at the same time. When you load up the app, you will notice that in order to cash out you have to have a balance of $25 in your piggy bank, which might or might not be hard to do depending on how good your pictures are. People who are most into the social media world and have a lot of connections both on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are going to be more likely to earn the most money on Klink, as the main component to the app is being a social networking website.