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New iTunes Remote App Update Adds Dark Mode & More

Dec 16, 2019

A new iTunes Remote app update was just released this week, which comes as a major surprise. This app hasn’t received any kind of update for more than a year. Dark mode and other new features are part of this new iTunes Remote app update.

A lot of other apps have updated to support dark mode already, with a lot of them gaining support well before the official release of iOS 13. This is just the latest app to now support the system-wide dark mode feature that can be found in iOS 13. We’ve got some of the details about this update so keep reading to learn all about it.

Apple Brings Dark Mode to the iTunes Remote App for iOS

In a new update rolling out right now, Apple has added dark mode to the iTunes Remote app. This app has been without a new update for about a year, so it was a shock that Apple actually updated this app this week. The newest version of the iTunes Remote app is version 4.5 and you can find this update live now in Apple’s App Store.

One of the main additions you will find in the iTunes Remote app is dark mode, but you must be running iOS 13 in order to use the new dark mode. The support for dark mode will also work on iPad devices that are running iPadOS 13. If you haven’t updated to the new iOS 13, then you’ll lack the support for dark mode on the iTunes Remote app. There are also a couple of other additions added to the app we wanted to tell you about.

Apple Adds Support for macOS Catalina in iTunes Remote App Update

There are a couple of other additions on the iTunes Remote app, including support for the Music apps that you will find in macOS Catalina. The new macOS Catalina update, version 10.15.2, was released late last week. You’ll find that in the macOS Catalina update, you can now control your media playback remotely using either your iPad or iPhone.

With the new iTunes Remote app update, there’s also new support for the TV apps, which were also a part of the macOS Catalina update. We’re definitely happy about this since previous to the update, the iTunes Remote app no longer worked on this new macOS Catalina release. That is due to the fact that iTunes had been discontinued in macOS Catalina, which made things difficult for those who used apps such as the iTunes Remote app.

Are You Going to Download the Newest iTunes Remote App Update?

Along with the new support for dark mode and the macOS Catalina television and music apps, there’s also the general bug fixes and performance enhancements in this new iTunes Remote app update. While this app might not see updates very often, we’re happy that the new support for system-wide dark mode is now a part of this app.

In the comments below, we want to know if you will be downloading version 4.5 of the iTunes Remote app for iOS. If you have this app on your device, it might take a week or two before you see the update hit your device automatically. You can go to the Apple App Store and manually download this update if you don’t want to wait.

Once you’ve tried it out, we want to know what you think of the new version of the app below. Do you think that Apple should be adding new features and functions to this app regularly? Is this an app you use often or did you not even know it existed? What other features are you hoping Apple will release for the Remote app in future updates? Lastly, if you still haven’t updated to iOS 13, we want to know what’s keeping you from installing the latest iOS update.