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New Minimize App Button Being Tested in Android Auto

Jul 12, 2018

If you have Android Auto in your vehicle, you might be interested in the new minimize app feature that is currently being tested. Android Auto is becoming more popular in vehicles, with Google getting more vehicles to use the infotainment system than ever before. The Android Auto infotainment system has been around for a few years, and there is also the Android Automotive system too. While Android Auto is the extension of your regular smartphone into the vehicle, Android Automotive is completely different.

Android Automotive is still Android-based, but it is more about hardware that will control the HVAC and other parts of the vehicle. Android Auto and Android Automotive are different and independent of each other. We have just learned that Android Auto is currently testing a minimize app feature, this button will allow you to get to your other apps quickly. Keep reading to learn more about this new button and how it can help you while you are in your vehicle.

Android Auto Testing New Minimize App Button

When it comes to the minimize app button, it will allow you to get back to the home screen on Android Auto very quickly. If you need to do something on the main home screen, and then go back into Android Auto. As things stand right now, you have to exit out of Android Auto and go to the app you need if it is not supported by Android Auto. That does take quite a bit of time, and it can mess with what you were doing in Android Auto if you have to leave that to go back to the non-supported app.

The minimize app testing is going on with the latest version of Android Auto, which is version 3.3.582064. You can download the new version from Google Play Store right now if you would like to try out the minimize app feature. We do not know right now when the new minimize app button will actually roll out. Google does a lot of testing on Android Auto features before they are actually rolled out, which means it might be a while since this feature was just found in testing.

Minimize App Button Newest Addition to Android Auto

Android Auto does a lot of useful things, such as putting the display of your smartphone onto the head unit of your vehicle. You can get this to work using either a wireless connection or wired connection. There is also the option to download the Android Auto app if you do not have a head unit that is Android Auto-capable. So you can just run the Android Auto app on your smartphone if you need to.

If you just use the app, then you will need to have your smartphone mounted somewhere in your car so you can see everything. Of course, using just the app means the display will be much smaller. It will be much harder to navigate the screen just using the app, whereas the head unit is large and provides bigger buttons. If there is a way that you can get the head unit, it will be much better for you in the long run. Google has been partnering with more automotive manufacturers over the past couple years, so hopefully more people will have the technology within the next few years.

The Minimize App Button Helpful in Android Auto

The minimize app button is going to be very helpful for those who have Android Auto. As you might know, Android Auto does have some built-in features and functions that will help you out. These features are meant to help keep your eyes on the roadway, and many products and services are integrated with Android Auto. Google Play Music and Google Maps are available on Android Auto, and there is also a Notification Listener service. This will allow you to listen to the most important notifications coming in from your Android smartphone.

If you would like to try out the new minimize app feature, just download the newest version of Android Auto from Google Play Store right now. Since this is still in testing, it could be buggy and have some glitches, which is normal for features in testing. If you would rather wait for the stable release, that would be a good thing as well, but we do not know when the stable release will happen.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this news. Are you someone who already uses Android Auto in your vehicle? Do you think that this new minimize app button is going to be useful to you? What else would you like to see come to Android Auto in the future? Let us know your opinions in the comments below, we would love to hear what you think.