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New Play Music Search Interface Coming to Android

Jul 17, 2017

We have some good news for you if you have Android as the Google Play Music app is getting a new look. This new look includes new search interface and it something that is happening on the server-side of things. Read on to learn more about the Google Play Music update and what it means for you as an Android user of Google Play Music.

Google Play Music Gets New Search User Interface on Android

The new Google Play Music search interface launched on the web version a while back. It now appears that the Google Play Music search interface changes are finally coming to Android. The changes are still in beta testing, so it will be a while before it becomes an official server-side update.

The changes include the interface now showing artists, songs, and albums in the search results themselves. This is part of the new change to get you better results and get you more accurate information. You also will be able to use the inline interface now to play songs. For people who use the app often, these changes have been something a lot of users have asked for and have wanted for a while on the Android app.

This new Google Play Music search interface update is a server-side update, which means that it is not specific to a certain Android device or manufacturer. That means everyone will be getting the update once it is finally launched. Some people are getting it now as a beta testing update, which is pretty cool. You will notice that the auto suggestions are not the only thing when you search for the artist, album, or track now.

You will notice that the automatic suggestions are now limited to just three, and they are also lower down on the list. This is definitely a plus because it used to be annoying since the automatic suggestions would take up almost the entire list. Often times, you would accidentally click one of the automatic suggestions trying to get to the bottom of the list where the real result you wanted was.

When you search, the first three results will be for the song you searched, the album or the artist. There will be a play button on the right side of the Google Play Music update, and the left will show you the artwork. Both of these icons are really easy to see and read, which is good if you have a smaller Android device.

More Google Play Music Search Interface Details

As long as you have Google Play Music version 7.9 or version 7.10 you will get this new update. You will be able to click on the results in order to see the listing, and you will notice that artists will shuffle while songs and albums automatically begin to play. If you know what you will be searching for on Google Play Music, then you will love the new search user interface.

You will love this due to the fact it will save you a ton of time, which increases your productivity in the app, and also increases your social goals with the app. The search user interface dropdown is available anywhere within Google Play Music, so you will not have to go to just one place in order to use the search dropdown option.

If you have been using Google Play Music on the web, then you have already experienced the new changes and interface for the search. If you are on Android, you will likely see this change coming soon as long as you have either version 7.9 or version 7.10. The best part about this news is that it is a server-side update, which means that a new version should not need to redownload since it will be available on the app you have installed already.

Whether you are a free Google Play Music user or you have a paid subscription to Google Play Music, you will be able to use the new search interface. This is great news for people who are looking for a more reliable and quicker way to get to that artist, song or album that they are looking for, and we definitely think you will love this new update. You can find this new update now, and there will likely be even more cool changes coming in the future to the Play Music Services.