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New Roomba Announced With an App

Sep 17, 2015

iRobot announced on Wednesday that there is going to be a new Roomba coming out, which if you haven’t heard about, it is a robotic vacuum cleaner that really works. You have probably heard about the Roomba before, as this device has been around for the past 13 years, but this is the first time the Roomba is trying to connect to the younger crowds by inviting technology to be a part of the process.

Everyone should rejoice as iRobot announced the new version of Roomba is going to have a smartphone app along with it, and this third generation device will also have a more powerful vacuum. The third generation will be more efficient in terms of its ability to clean, and it will have an infrared sensor along with the built-in camera. This new version of the Roomba is going to be called the Roomba 980, and it will move a lot different than the versions that have graced the market the past 13 years.


There will be a temporary map in the device, which tells the device where it has already visited, which means it will miss less spots in your house, and also not go back over areas where the Roomba has already cleaned. This new Roomba has a much longer battery life, but due to the technology being implemented in the device, it is going to cost you a whole lot more than previous models. Previous models ranged in price from $399 to $699, but the new version will end up costing you a whopping $899, although you can still purchase the older more financially friendly models.

There will still be the thick gray disc shape to the new Roomba, with the same external design as other models, except a few buttons on top will be roomba-appdifferent. The shape and size is perfect according to iRobot because of the fact it can get under the couches and other surfaces, but also not too little that it would get caught up in the smaller spaces. It is nearly impossible not to have heard of the Roomba, as it was one of the first higher tech devices to really surge in sales with consumers. The Roomba even was around before the whole “smart home” trend that we have now been seeing everywhere. It is hard to believe that this device was released first in 2002, with other home products coming out with their own smartphone apps since then, including door locks, thermostats, and light bulbs. The fans of the “smart” home products and apps have not previously been able to control their Roomba with their phones, still utilizing the old technology of turning on and off the device like back from the old days.

The Roomba 980 App

The Roomba app is going to be available for both iOS and Android operating systems, and the app will connect through the internet by using its built-in WIFI capabilities. You will be able to start or schedule your Roomba cleanings, which means you can be sitting at your office and be able to get your Roomba going before you get home from work. If you are at home, you can also be in another room and turn your Roomba on or schedule the Roomba to begin cleaning your house once you go to bed. You also will get notifications when the Roomba is stuck or full, and you can troubleshoot problems from anywhere you are at using your phone. This is great because sometimes you will let your Roomba go and go off into another part of your house, only to find that a few minutes after leaving the area, the Roomba got stuck and was unable to get the work done.

The only bad thing about the new Roomba is that it is not yet able to be connected to other devices, such as SmartThings or Apple’s HomeKit. You also cannot use this Roomba app on the older vacuums, because of course, the older devices do not have the WIFI or other functionality needed to run the app. This means that if you want to use the Roomba app, you will need to thrown down the $899 to get the new Roomba, although it might be worth it in the end, especially if you are someone who loves your Roomba but needs it to be more efficient at cleaning. This would also be useful if you are often busy or not home, since you have the abilities to schedule your cleanings and also be notified when your Roomba is full or stuck. It is not known yet when the new Roomba will be available, but the company did say it will be coming out soon, so possibly before the Christmas holiday, or maybe a lot sooner.

  • DHaywood

    this is amazing….now if only I had a Roomba

  • JeffreyJ

    I guess almost $1000 is worth it if you’re THAT lazy to vacuum yourself lol