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NEW RTS Bot Smashers Coming to Android in 2018

Jan 4, 2018

At the Hi-Rez Expo 2018, we learned of a new game coming to Android in 2018 called Bot Smashers. There were a ton of announcements being made at the Hi-Rez Expo this week, but the new game from Hi-Rez Studios is what grabbed our attention the most. The real-time strategy game Bot Smashers does not have a release date yet, but we know it will be coming sometime in 2018. Read on to learn all about Bot Smashers and to find out all of the details we know so far about the game.

Bot Smashers is New RTS Game Coming to Android

While we do not have a definitive date on when Bot Smashers will be released, we do know it will be released to Android sometime in 2018. This new real-time strategy game was announced during the Hi-Rez Expo 2018, and it will likely be a free game. The game itself is a player-vs-player base building game, but not too much is known beyond that. We know that there will be abilities to collect a lot of bots that can do your fighting, which is pretty cool. If you head to the Bot Smashers website, you will be able to sign-up to be one of the beta testers. We will try to keep you updated on if we hear about a release date for the game, but you can expect it to be later on in the year at this point.

There are two armies of various types of robots that are fighting in this certain arena. You have to try to smash the bots of the opposing team into small pieces in order to win the battles. Micromanaging and strategy is involved in this game, since you have to decide how to go about building your base. You will also need to place your bots into battle and upgrade both the units and structures in Bot Smashers.

It is likely a lightweight real-time strategy game, but it does not mean the complexity of the game is lightweight at all. To sign-up to test out Bot Smashers, you just need to go to the official website and enter in some basic information. Information needed to register includes time zone, phone number, email address, country, and which platform you want to play the game on. You can choose either iOS or Android since this game is coming to both platforms in 2018.

Bot Smashers Not Only Big News at Hi-Rez Expo

Beyond the new Bot Smashers game coming out, we learned more about other games at the Hi-Rez Expo 2018. If you have been keeping track of other game news, you already know that Paladins Strike just soft launched a little bit ago. While we did not hear a lot of details about Paladins Strike during the Expo, we did hear them encouraging people to head on over to sign up for the global public testing. If you like MOBA shooter games, then it would definitely be worth signing up for the public test of Paladins Strike. We are not sure how long this public test will be going on though. You should sign up if you would like to try it out but be warned that issues and bugs could impact the overall game play of Paladins Strike.

We also would be amiss if we did not say that the same things could happen when you play the beta test of Bot Smashers. When it comes to testing out games, there are always some issues and bugs that are noticeable and can impact game play. That is why the beta testing is so important to these game developers since it helps find the issues and get feedback about any glaring problems. That way, once the game is released through Google Play, it is ready to go without too much trouble. The only thing that normally is an issue is server issues, which are hard to replicate until you have a ton of people on the servers trying to play the game. You can sign up now to test out Bot Smashers and Paladins Strike on your Android device if these sound interesting to you.