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New Taxi App vs Uber

Sep 23, 2015

Recently in many parts of the world that have it, the app Uber has really taken off being one of the hottest apps on the market currently. What this application does is that users look for a driver in the area around them and these drivers will go pick them up and take them to their destination for a moderate rate. Well many taxis are not exactly loving this app because it is basically taking away all of their business since many people feel comfortable riding in a fellow person’s car rather than the yellow vehicle. This has actually lead to many protests and arguments that the Uber app should not be taking their business so this quite a moot subject.  Well many of the head officials of taxi companies have had enough so they are launching a new application that will allow users to hail a taxi from their smartphone. Will this application succeed or let Uber replace the New York City taxi business that has been around for decades?

What is Arro? 

Arro is the new taxi cab application currently in beta form that allows users to call a cab and pay that cab with the touch of a button on their smartphone. According to Crain’s New York Business this application is currently being tested by 7,000 taxi cab drivers and if this app goes well it could see a debut in the next couple of weeks. This app is really a great retaliation by the taxi business because this business cannot simply disappear because it has been around for so long and there are hundreds of taxis in NEw York since it is one of the most common forms of transportation there.

This is the Uber app, the taxi cab business' main enemy currently. It is popular because of its simplicity, reasonable prices, and simple way to access many drivers in the user's area.
(This is the Uber app, the taxi cab business’ main enemy currently. It is popular because of its simplicity, reasonable prices, and simple way to access many drivers in the user’s area.)

How is Arro used?

The app is very straight forward like the Uber application in how users use the app. When a user opens the application they give a signal where to pick them up, where to take them, and what is the passenger’s basic information like name. On the user’s side they get the driver’s identification number and name. When the user sets up his or her profile they register their credit card information so they only have to pay with the touch of their smartphone. The difference from Uber is that there are no differentiating prices like Uber has depending on the area and other factors; Arro only charges the user based on the meter in the taxi.

This is an example of how the app will find taxis in the area and allow users to call them.
(This is an example of how the app will find taxis in the area and allow users to call them.)

The problems with this app

The main problem with this application is that Uber has already gotten a great amount of users making it a risky start up for the taxi business. The other huge problem and probably the most important problem is that not every taxi in New York is linked to this Arro service so the only way this can get a huge crowd of users is if this application is linked to all the taxi services in New York. There are more and more companies joining Arro but they will have to see if they can get most of the taxis in the city. The last problem with this application is that Uber provides the great service of private transportation rather than the sometimes hectic and dirty public transportation in the city. Even though we have listed the negatives these are not necessarily problems with the app but rather problems of how they should compete out in the market to get back the transportation market, besides those issues the application looks like it will get the job done.

Overall, the New York City taxis industry is not going down without a fight. They will continue to develop their app over the next few months to ensure that they can compete with their enemies Uber. This application will continue to be in development but users can expect to see a great service from taxis as they will provide convenient and moderate rates.



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