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New Unified Microsoft Office iOS App Publicly Released

Feb 24, 2020

We have very exciting news coming from Microsoft today as it was announced the unified Microsoft Office app for iOS has exited beta. This means that the app is now publicly available for everyone to use, not just those that have decided to join the beta. Since the app is out of beta testing, you will be able to download the new Microsoft Office app for iOS and there are many new features to try out. We’ve got all of the latest details about the newest Office iOS app so keep reading to learn more.

Unified Microsoft Office iOS App Released

If you’re one of the millions of people that currently use Microsoft Office on your iOS device, you’ll love the new unified Office app that’s available for everyone to download. This new and improved app is going to provide you with a better experience. That is because it brings together Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel into one app for your iOS device. Sticky Notes is also part of this app, so you’ll be able to keep all of your notes in one place.

This is a pretty major update for Microsoft Office on iOS and it’s also focused on a mobile-first experience with mobile-optimized features. Basically, it will make doing work on your mobile device much easier since it combines all three major Office programs into one app. You’ll have the same functionality with each program that you’ve enjoyed as separate apps or on your PC. That means Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on this iOS app will work the same way and contain the same features you’ve been accustomed to for years.

Unified Microsoft Office iOS App Takes Up Less Storage & Contains New Features

What’s really great about this unified Office app for iOS is that it’s going to take up a lot less storage on your device. That is due to it containing all three programs in one app as opposed to three different apps. If you’re someone that has a lot of apps on your device, you’ll really find it useful that this app takes up so little room on your device. There are also many new features you’ll find in this combined Office app for iOS as well.

New features include being able to use the camera in order to create various content on your mobile device. You will also have a new Actions tab that allows you to get a ton of tasks done from one area as opposed to having to switch apps to get these tasks completed.

With this Actions tab, you can simply scan a QR code to open a link or file. You also can use your finger to sign a PDF or create a PDF just by using your camera. You also can create a PDF by using an Office document or by using any photo on your iOS device. It’s going to be simple to transfer files between your mobile device and PC and very easy to share files with other mobile devices nearby.

Are You Excited for the Public Launch of the Unified Microsoft Office iOS Apps?

The addition of Sticky Notes is also going to be very useful for people, especially those who want to stay organized and keep track of important events, reminders, or other details. Whether it’s work-related or school-related, Sticky Notes is one of the more useful apps out there and we’re excited that it’s part of this unified Office iOS app.

We also wanted to let you know that there is support for some of the most common cloud programs as well. There’s Google Drive support, support for Box, Dropbox, and iCloud in this new Microsoft Office update for iOS. We’re very happy that third-party storage support has finally come to the Microsoft Office app for iOS. There are also performance enhancements in this update as well as new templates. These templates will allow you to create new presentations, spreadsheets, and documents with ease.

New Features Coming Soon to Microsoft Office for iOS

Even better is that this spring there will be three additional features that will hit the mobile Office app. This includes Outline to PowerPoint, Excel Cards View, and Word Dictation. Outline to PowerPoint allows you to create an outline of the main points you want to include and PowerPoint Designer will turn your outline into a PowerPoint presentation for you. It will have iconography, formatting, and the styling you need for PowerPoint without you having to set it all up yourself.

With the new Excel Cards View, you can now edit and view all of the Excel data in a card format. This allows you to see everything on the Excel document in the screen size of your mobile device. You’ll no longer need to try to scroll left or right to see this information with Excel Cards View.

Word Dictation is going to allow you to use your voice to create your Word document. Simply use voice commands to create and edit your Word document. There will also be very easy-to-use toolbars that will allow you to add punctuation and formatting that is needed for your document with ease.

It’s going to be a little while before those three new features are released, but you can head to Apple’s App Store to download the unified version of Microsoft Office for iOS right now. You’ll need an Office subscription to enjoy a lot of the additional features that are offered, but the app itself is free to download. We also know that an iPad version is still being worked out, so this unified version of Office is only available for the iPhone as of right now.