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The New York Times Adds a Personalized Feed to iOS App

Aug 10, 2018

Good news if you have the New York Times iOS app, as the company just added a personalized feed to the app. The new personalized feed is similar to what you would find on the Facebook News Feed, and it is simply called “Your Feed.”

You will notice the new feature is you update your app to the newest version of the New York Times app. We have all of the latest details about the new Your Feed feature within The New York Times iOS app. Read on to learn more about this feature and how it can help you find the news you want right now.

Personalized Feed Comes to New York Times iOS App

It is pretty cool that The New York Times has decided to add a new personalized feed to the iOS app. Since this app is similar to the Facebook News Feed, you will find that it is easy to locate the news you want to keep track of. The Your Feed feature allows you to add channels that you want to follow. Once you have added those channels, only they will be showing up in the Your Feed section. The feed will have stories from the various sections of The New York Times, including the columns.

You will also notice that the Your Feed section will also feature articles and commentary from other editors or reporters outside of The New York Times. Only the most worthy of commentary articles from outside of The New York Times will be incorporated into the Your Feed section. You will find that you can personalize this feed with stories from At War, Modern Love, Gender & Society, and even Pop Culture.

Personalized Feed Brings Custom News Stories to New York Times iOS App

The really good thing about this personalized feed is that it will give you customized stories based on what you follow and are interested in. Your Feed is going to be similar to how you would back in the day pull out the sections of the newspaper that you wanted to read. People will gravitate towards different articles and sections, which is why Your Feed will come in handy. This is an experiment according to the company, bringing more stories and insight to the app.

The company also said that the Your Feed idea was based on a ton of research of the readers. A lot of people were looking for a separated place to follow a customized news feed. The readers wanted this area to be separated from the home page itself. Considering that The New York Times ends up putting out around 160 articles a day, that makes a lot of sense. It can be difficult to read all of the stories you want on the topics you are interested in with that many articles going every day.

Personalized Feed on New York Times iOS App Also Brings Potential Downside

There is one potential downside to having this new personalized feed within The New York Times iOS app. The biggest downside is that you might end up putting yourself into a bubble. If you are relying on the Your Feed feature, then you are only getting stories that you cherry-picked instead of getting a more rounded picture of the news. You might end up skipping the front sections altogether and just going into your own personalized news. That means you could actually miss other very important news because it will not be in the personalized feed you created.

Your Feed should be an addition to other sections of the app you read, and not be the only source of news you get from the app. The feature should not be looked at as just a stand-in for all of the news in The New York Times, but more of a supplement to your overall reading experience within the app itself. One good thing is that the sections are all going to be curated by editors. This means you will find a diverse selection of the types of stories available for you to read.

How You Can Get Personalized Feed in New York Times iOS App

In order to get the new feature, since it is still experimental, you need to have the app installed already on your device. The Your Feed will only be coming to about 50 percent of the new app downloads, but will be available to 100 percent of existing app users. If the feedback on the Your Feed is good, then it will expand out to more platforms and more people.

For now, it is just in a limited testing group, so if you have the app you will be a part of this group. If you have already checked out the new Your Feed feature, let us know in the comments below what you think about it. Do you like having this personalized news section within The New York Times iOS app? What other features are you looking forward to hopefully seeing in the future in this app?